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Business Make-up: what should be and how to make

Myhotim reveal to you the main points and little tricks that make kakvypolnyaetsya business.

How it should be - this delovoymakiyazh ?

kakpravilo in office somehow out of place look bright and gaudy.It will gorazdovyigryshnee if artsy image leave Romantic ilivecherinki.Dictatorship business etiquette obliges look restrained and soblyudatminimalizm.But it does not mean that the office worker must soblyudatskromnost in appearance.There is such a thing as an office make-up, and so, ondolzhen emphasize your professional skills and to cover the deficiencies.

elegant makeup

Blagorodnyypastelny tone, for example, the shade beige, light gray, light pink and blue, peach, light coral - that's what colors should be given predpochtenie.Nu so if your taste in color-richthen at least vyberitematovy and not too bright, especially stick to it when choosing lipstick, let it be color or shades of burgundy wine.

resistant makeup

Gorazdoluchshe, if the choice of make-up you will remember that it is a

business, you need to use ipoetomu means resistant to not have to often popravlyatmeyk-up.

Performing office makeup

Reliefs face

The first most important step in this regard is to create the perfect tone litsa.Iskusstvennoe lighting, which is used in offices, creating vizualnoeoschuschenie sickly yellowish ottenkakozhi.And therefore it is better to give preference cosmetics tone with teplymiottenkami.To get a natural pigment to mix sootvetstvuyuschiyvashemu skin color foundation with means darker tone of the first one.Privybore foundation liquid consistency, stop on that basis WSS comprises water and a gel - it is weightless and rather dense cover vashukozhu.

Retouch area under glazamikonsilerom

Dlyaetoy purpose is better to use highlighter, which will put the necessary emphasis, hiding the traces of fatigue.If, for example, apply highlighter around the eyes under brows, your eyes will shine, and red eyes is reduced.Sleduyuschiyetap is applying powder - not only highlights the affected areas.

mint condition eyebrows

Glavnymaktsentom business is considered to be a make-up clearly defined eyebrows.Zabudtesledit not care that his eyebrows look perfect, and this requires delatregulyarnuyu correction.

Eslihotite to the eyebrows are clearly allocated, use a pencil or eyebrow tenyamidlya.When choosing a shade, take into service a little trick: the blonde girl suit tint on one or two shades darker than osnovnoytsvet hair brunette is going to face lighter shade on a single number.Nanosyakarandash, do not press on it, the finishing touches must be small and akkuratnymi.Spetsialnoy brush comb the eyebrows, and to fix the makeup vospolzuytesstaylingovym means.

Working with rouge

Rumyanapostaraytes choose pale pink or peach otttenkov.Svetlokozheydevushke suitable pale pink hue, and if she had a dark skin tone, then nuzhnoispolzovat peach shade.Selection of blush should match the type kozhi.Tak, creamy consistency suitable for dry skin, crumbly - for zhirnoy.Nanosit blush desirable thin layer thoroughly shading.

Tricks eye

Strelkis elements of drama - it's not for you, and catwalk trends nuzhnoispolzovat rationally, with adaptation to the style office.

  1. calm tone and perfect harmony with the color of his eyes - that's what you need to make up for the office.Brown eyes - shadows with a touch of ocher, chocolate and olives.Blue eyes - brown and gray, light pink and pale lilac shades.Green eyes - peach, terracotta color and the whole gamut of brown shades.
  2. using eyeliner, do not forget that the line should be thin and neat, corresponding to the length of eyelashes.Pencil choose neutral colors (gray or brown) and not black.
  3. ideal option for a make-up would be black mascara with water-resistant qualities.Eyelashes need to paint carefully to avoid lumps formed.If you do not want your eyelashes looked like spider legs, will be sufficient to apply two coats.


It is desirable that it was dull and persistent, not conspicuous.If you think sdelataktsent eyes, choose a neutral tone of lipstick.In the office makeup dopustimoispolzovat bright colors of lipsticks - shades should be noble and a little chutpriglushennye (berry, wine).If you use a pencil try to trim it in a tone with the color of lipstick.Make the lipstick on the lips longer resist, it needs to first apply a base, powder, and only then apply lipstick.

Manicure for office lady

Rukidolzhny always be well-groomed and neat manicure in which no circumstances should not be used acid fanciful colors and rhinestones.Much vyigryshneebudet look french manicure or nail skin color.Let iklassichesky red and wine color, but only if these tsvetagarmoniruyut with your business suit.In some companies, rather strogiydress code, and then the more acceptable will look transparent varnish.

Byvaettak, because of lack of time does not work a manicure polnotsenno.Pokrytie shellac - that you help out in these situations, because it mozhetuderzhivatsya on nails for nearly two weeks.

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