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Using sea salt against cellulite

Naiboleepriyatnoy and effective procedures with sea salt baths are, they help to reduce stress, get rid of a few extra kilos and otlichnoochischayut skin.The main purpose of the application bath with sea salt is uskorenietsirkulyatsii blood also absorbed through the skin essential trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphates.The composition includes a salt bolshoekolichestvo iodine, which in turn, affecting the thyroid gland, improves metabolism, thus promoting weight loss, as well sea solvyvodit excess fluid from the body, due to which the body looks boleeokruglym.The bath should be taken at night, the water should be comfortable dlyatela, but not hot, for a single procedure should be used polkilogrammamorskoy salt.

For greater effect and relaxation, you can add 4-5 kapelefirnogo oil against cellulite is best proven maslolimona, orange, jasmine, grapefruit, tangerine, peppermint, cypress, cardamom, patchouli same attack.Oil perfectly nourish the skin, giving it more tone and p

omogayutrasslabitsya.Being in a bath of salt should be 15-20 minutes, during which time vkozhu imbued necessary trace elements that promote razrusheniyuzhirovyh deposits on the body and toxins.Already after the first procedure budetzametna smoothness of the skin, for the full cycle necessary techeniemesyatsa a day to take a bath with sea salt.

Most populyarnostimeyut scrub with sea salt, they are excellent warm up the skin, clean it, deduce the excess fluid and toxins.Scrub can be used Neboli 2 times a week, its results will also be faster.For prigotovleniyaskraba necessary to mix a large handful of salt and olive oil, dobavitneskolko drops of essential oil of citrus scrub and apply to problem areas, massaging lightly for 15 minutes.Upon completion protseduryneobhodimo take a shower and then apply a nourishing cream.

Otlichnozarekomendovali their masks of salt in the coffee, this mask is well nourishes the skin tightens its minerals.For its preparation should be mixed 100 grammmorskoy salt 50 ml.olive oil, 1 tablespooncoffee grounds and 50 ml.vody.Nanosit the mixture with skin in a circular motion, problem mestanuzhno wrap cling film and wrap yourself with a warm blanket.To sustain maskuneobhodimo half an hour, then take a warm shower and put on telouvlazhnyayuschy cream.With the help of caffeine dissolve fat cells, salt vyvoditlishnyuyu fluid, the skin becomes taut and smooth.This mask neobhodimodelat 2 times a week, the first results will be seen very soon.

In the fight stsellyulitom sea salt has established itself with the best hand, regulyarnyevysheopisannye procedures are rapid action and thus completely naturalny.Chtoby achieve great results, do not forget about sports nutrition balanced loads, with which must be constantly on our toes podderzhivattelo.

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