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sculpting underwear - the most primitive way korrektsiifigury: it shrinks tightly teeming body fat areas of the body, temsamym reducing their volume.From this group of things most populyarnostyupolzuyutsya corsets that make the waist thinner, and various shorts, pants ikolgotki, tightens the abdomen and sometimes the legs (from the pelvis to the knee).

simulator underwear - tights, bras, various "grace," etc.- Also pulls, but it also moves fat skladkituda where they are more appropriate;moreover, it can be shaped temoblastyam who need it.For example, such models are forcing zhirperemestitsya of breeches in the buttocks, lift sagging "rear" and chest.

shaping lingerie and pulls, and models, and according to the manufacturer, at the expense of a special cut teaches sohranyatpridannuyu body shape.That sounds impressive, but the trouble is - neither medicine nor don `t know the biochemistry processes Moving the fat in the body: take the same cell and peremestitih only surgically.Howe

ver, if a long time pridavattelu certain form, it will actually save it after snyatiyabandazhey (think, for example, in China the girls bandaged foot chtobypoluchit "lotus feet"), but the process is very long.

The range

So spetsbele gives effect mainly external.You nadevaeteego under normal outfit look slimmer is no slouch and cherish a dream, chtotelo get used to a new form ... But we must not forget that even utyanuvshis Napara sizes, you do not get rid of their centimeters and kilograms.

assortment of underwear with "secret" will satisfy samyyvzyskatelny taste.G-strings pulled stomach slips and shortikiskorrektiruyut hips and buttocks.Breeches uzhmut buttocks and thigh to knee.Razlichnyebodi, combinations of dresses and lower back in shape waist, abdomen and chest.Corsets (both rigid and flexible), not only will make the waist thinner, but podnimutgrud.The greatest effect gives the model is not aligned with the bodice (they podpirayutbyust, forcing him to be tightened up, and the bra is worn separately) Referring generally used in such models average or severe stepenkompressii.There are tops with sleeves (usually short, to the elbow), further Waist and hands.

Some models announced: the effect of micro-massage, anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage and improve microcirculation.Indeed, such effects can be achieved by suitable materials and cut, but the corrective model can not replace medical products -antivarikoznye stockings and tights, postpartum bandage - all that propisyvaetvrach and what to buy in a pharmacy.Some types of special belyaispolzuyutsya after liposuction and other surgical operations umensheniyuform body - in this case, the surgeon will tell in advance what and where to buy.

time doubts

From the pull the body looks great, but iznutrioschuscheniya not always pleasant.So have a happy owner spetsbelya poroyvoznikayut legitimate concerns about the security of all this beauty - osobennoesli remember that in the old days aristocrat in corsets constantly faint carrion.

not harmful to slimming?Of course, vredno.Proizvoditeli seek to minimize the negative impact: ispolzuyutdyshaschie materials refuse seams have elements so that they neperedavlivali vessels - not only blood circulation but dazhestimulirovali it.But psychologists are categorical: this impairs breathing leather underwear, violates the natural circulation of blood and lymph circulation, nutrition and krovosnabzheniekozhi worsens, muscles and some internal organs.And particularly dangerous schitaetsyasdavlivanie breast.

So nositnelzya?Avoid the temptation to become slimmer instantly and effortlessly by simply buying special clothes, hard.So the answer is this: you can not get carried away!Whatever advertising promises, no matter what the consultants manufacturers, models wearing much Waist day is not necessary.Wear korrektsionnoebele, for example, after the fitness or spa, to help the body remember pridannyeformy.In general, wearing such things should be no more than 10-12 hours a week (with the exception - the postoperative period, but only under medical supervision) .Although be perfect for longer?Then, in his free time, socks uprazhnyaytemyshtsy playing sports or walking myostimulation.At every hour, provedennyyv spetsbele (over allowed 12 hours per week) should account for 30 minutfitnesa or one session myostimulation (just do not forget that this protsedurunelzya do more often than three times a week).

hot Do VTAK underwear?Manufacturers try corrective products ispolzovatv them breathable synthetic material - the same as in sportswear: microfiber (+ elastane polyamide), nylon, Lycra (spandex) and polyester.Nevertheless, in spetsbele warmer than without it, and hence it will be hot in summer.And by the way, nadevayavybrannuyu model, carefully straighten the folds of skin under it, otherwise there is a risk of diaper rash and bruising.

Are there any restrictions on health?

include contraindications - high blood pressure, tumors (benign misrepresented the number if they are located in the pelvic area or nakozhe), skin diseases and dermatitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins.

According to doctors, the laundry with "secret" - great navyhod: put - and charmed all the carved figure.If takiemodeli wear every day, in the future, most likely you are waiting for serious treatment.Zatoesli spetsbele used as an adjunct to diet and fitness, it will Try Us, and enjoyment.

Spetsbele any of these types can be raznoystepeni compression.

Weak degree .Typically, these models do not clean as much volume as shaped.Ketoy group are tight, tighten the buttocks tights, with sculpting various modelitrusov inset on the stomach, etc.Lingerie slightly sdavlivayuscheetelo, designed for women who interfere maximum of five extra santimetrovv waist.

average degree .Such products are felt in the body almost like a medical bandage they iperemeschayut slimming body fat much more noticeable.In the models used plotnyei very dense materials, different cuts.Lingerie of the type recommended dlyasokrytiya significant problems with the figure.

strong degree things .In this group used a very rigid inserts that do netyanutsya, so wearing underwear with a higher compression ratio can initially bytboleznennym.Rigid inserts allow correct nedostatkifigury noticeable and even correct your posture.