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Swelling of the face: how to get rid of quickly and efficiently

Causes swelling

In fact, the reasons may be many.Starting from bad habits, ending health problems.Excessive consumption of salt and drink plenty of liquids before bedtime, alcohol and medications that cause fluid retention, lack of sleep or too long, the wrong position head on a pillow or soft, kidney damage.These are the main factors that cause swelling of the face or even the entire body.So first you should determine and understand that this list is present in your lifestyle.As the saying goes, it is better to remove the cause than to cure its investigation.So, here are the basic steps that should be taken to ensure that in the morning you look a million dollars:

  1. Try to drink water at least an hour before bedtime.Drink only on holidays, and it is recommended in small quantities only wine or liquor.
  2. salty foods and try not to get carried away, especially a few hours before you go to sleep.The fact that the salt very much delay the excess fluid, which then gives the unpleasant effect.

    Recommendations to help prevent swelling on his face in the morning.

  3. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.But not more than 9, as excessive sleep is not good.If biological clock you consider yourself a "lark", the recommended upgrade for you 4-6 hours in the morning, if you are a "night owl", then it is best to wake up in the period from 7.00 to 10.00.
  4. Try to replace low or too soft pillow on podsheyny roller or feather pillow medium size and rigidity.It should be noted that excessively high pillow is able to damage your spine.
  5. bedtime, do not apply moisturizer.The exception is the so-called night of the series, which are not able to create a swelling on your face.
  6. The cause of the swelling can become banal tears shed are so fond of women with or without.Try less upset and you'll see what will look much better.
  7. If you follow all the above rules, and the problem you have not left, we recommend that you consult a doctor.Perhaps your excretory system is not in order, particularly the kidneys.

A healthy lifestyle in the battle for your beauty.

How to get rid of the swelling under the eyes in the morning

So, we have considered measures to prevent swelling, now let's consider the emergency assistance in solving this problem.Since most of this problem plagued the skin around the eyes, we recommend the following tips:

  1. attach to a place under the eyes of a cold compress or ice cubes massage.
  2. Well in this case helps to caffeine.To do this, you can apply to the swelling under the eyes of a cooled tea bags, or do a little gruel made of natural coffee.Rinse must be cool or cold water.
  3. Make circular movements of the eyes, it perfectly improves blood circulation and helps to eliminate the bags.

Tells how to get rid of swelling under the eyes in the morning

What if the whole face was swollen

to this issue, apply the same measures as for the care of edematous skin around the eyes.To the list of recommendations can be added clapping massage and the application on the face cucumber juice.Try in the morning to avoid drinking fluids.

We hope that these tips will help you to successfully deal with this vexing problem and not feminine.Swelling of the eyes and face - that's no reason to be upset, but only an additional incentive to do their health.

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