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Silicone breast - a new life or new problems?

operation to increase the bust called mammoplasty.

What are breast implants ?

  • Saline.They consist of a saline solution, and top pokrytysilikonovoy shell.
  • Silicone.They consist of a silicone gel and silicone shell.

in shape:

  • round
  • teardrop

Basically ispravlyayaploskuyu chest, teardrop-shaped insert silicones and correcting sagging breasts, insert the round.The size of what shape, which will consist of your charms - it will be you and hirurg.Vrach will take into account your personality and anatomical structure grudnoykletki.Before the operation, it is necessary to conduct the survey: commissioning tests, counseling specialists, an ultrasound examination of the breast.Anesthesia primenyaetsyaklassichesky - the patient is put to sleep.The operation lasts 1-2 hours.

for introducing breast implants make such cuts: under the arm or around half of the nipple, or in the crease under the breast.

place implementation :

Silicone can be between the mammary gland great- est pectoral muscl

es.More can be positioned behind the prostate and muscle.

On how past transactions will depend on your statement izkliniki.It does not stay long.If all went well, then a day or two - idomoy.

After surgery, you may be experiencing severe pain oppressive vgrudnoy cell.Appointed painkillers.There is swelling, sinyaki.Povyazka imposed immediately after the operation, changes in 24-48 hours boleesdavlivayuschuyu chest.Subsequent visits to the doctor 3 days.

What can be complications ?

They are very much:

  • negative reaction to anesthesia.
  • of postoperative infections.
  • bruising.
  • rumen development, which are not aesthetically pleasing look on the chest.
  • may be compromised sensitivity peripapillary area.
  • rejection of the prosthesis.
  • rupture, leaking, blowing silicones.It all can sprovotsirovatmehanicheskie injury.

Pros :

  • You got a beautiful perfect breasts.
  • raise their self-esteem.
  • get rid of complexes.

In what period of time put silicone?

That you do not say a surgeon.Can only primernopredpolozhit.The period depends on the breast implants, on the quality of what onsostoit, on how the operation will take place, which will be operational after period.Odno is certain that silicone implants can be very long from 8 to 15 years.

possible to breastfeed?

This question is very relevant.In principle, feeding grudyuvozmozhno.It all depends on how the positioned silicone.Before vysoberetes feed your baby, consult directly with plasticheskimhirurgom and gynecologist.But once you say that after breastfeeding vashidostoinstva become more aesthetically appealing.

Dear women!All-takiesli you decide on surgery, think about whether to yourself and your organizmpodvergat such a risk!After all, we are all inherently beautiful.Nekrasivyhzhenschin does not exist, but the choice is yours.Be happy and live in harmony!