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Medicinal properties of clay and how she copes with the problems of the legs

inhistory therapeutic use of clay, as well as in the development of other areas alternativnoymeditsiny, there were times when the methods of its use justified nasueveriyah all kinds.

Delov that many branches of science developed in this way.In Asia, China and India takihkak thousands of years ago has been used to treat the clay revmaticheskihprotsessov.Outstanding ancient physicians Hippocrates and Empedocles recommended netolko use clay in the form of application, for cosmetic purposes, but prinimat inside for treatment of various diseases.

In late 19th century the first attempts of scientific substantiation lechebnyhsvoystv dirt and clay-based experiments.Currently naiboleeizvestnym worldwide medical center where the practice ispolzovaniegryazi and clay to the restoration, remain Hungborn that in German means "tsentrzdorovya."It is Soberngeyme (Germany) and founded by Adolf Hustom.Imenno this doctor clay used in the treatment of a large number of zabolevaniy.Kstati, writer Franz Kafka spent in

the resort Hungborn dostatochnoprodolzhitelnoe time, and maybe that is where he wrote part of the novel svoegoznamenitogo "America."

Medicinal properties of clay

Silnymlechebnym clay means doing what it contains various micronutrients imineralnye salt, it is composed of aluminum, one of the most rasprostranennyhmineralov on Earth.Depending on the origin of the clay can comprise proportions vrazlichnyh following elements: iron, silicon, phosphorus, selenium, etc. magniyiCurrently, treatment and rehabilitation of most podhodyaschimiyavlyayutsya two types of clay: white and green.White clay is used mainly fell sick in the stomach and as a cosmetic.Green clay is needed dlyaustraneniya symptoms of restless legs syndrome and varicose veins.

Privnutrennem application lozhkigliny need 2 teaspoons dissolved in a glass of water.Due to the fact that green glinesoderzhitsya magnesium and lime, it has a healing, cleansing effect, atakzhe reduces inflammation.

Osnovnyedeystviya rendered clay :

  • at applying clay applications kkozhe tired legs clay absorbs heat quickly, because it has bolshoyteploprovodimostyu.Thus, it provides quick and effektivnoesnyatie troublesome burning sensation.
  • sticking to the skin, clay sposobnavytyagivat from it a small amount of toxins and secretions.
  • Clay is an excellent esteticheskimresheniem.Everyone wants to have beautiful legs with a healthy, supple and smooth kozhey.Sindrom tired legs and varicose veins are not the best way skazyvayutsyana appearance of the legs and to the disruption of blood flow adds aesthetic nedostatki.V this case, the clay is a wonderful drug poskolkupomimo improve circulation returns healthy skinview.Many metodikilecheniya include the adoption of clay baths and applications, kotoryenormalizuyut blood circulation in the legs, promote deep cleansing and umensheniyuzhirovyh deposits.

How primenyatapplikatsii clay

Ochenprosto home cook clay applications for applying Quezon, where there is inflammation and varicose veins.In addition, chtobyusilit effect of these applications, you can add one to the clay mixture ilineskolko infusions made, for example, marigold, chestnut, gemamelisa, white oak, aloe vera and red grapes.

Prigotovivlechebny composition, put him on his feet with a spatula or brush, nalozhivsloy thickness of about 1 cm. As soon as you notice that the clay is heated iutrachivaet its ability to absorb heat, applications must rinse and nanestinovy ​​layer.Another tip: if you wrap the appliqué fabric, while eevozdeystviya increase.

Clay baths

Vannys clay water - a tool that allows you to feel relieved priotechnosti and pains that bring trouble, that is, when simptomahsindroma tired legs and varicose veins.

Vymozhete use clay bath for the whole body or just for the legs.Remember Otomi, the clay should be cool, and that when it is heated, eesleduet change.While your feet will be shipped to a treatment fluid, perform light massage legs from the ankles to the knees.

Pomimouzhe mentioned action which has clay in taking baths, it produces pressure on the feet stimulates the return of venous blood kserdtsu.