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Olive oil for beauty

olive oil - an unrivaled source of vitamins A, E, B, D, K. Onobogato proteins that retain moisture well and carefully caring for dry chapped skin.Olive oil is excellent nourishes oily skin, nezakuporivaya pores and at the same time providing it with all the necessary elements.Dlyanormalnoy skin olive oil irreplaceable - because he does not have wrinkles ostaetsyani chance.

Use olive oil in cosmetology home

butter is quite accessible in the preparation of any cosmetic sredstvav home.Some simple recipes using it kachestvekosmeticheskogo funds will help to extend youth and health of skin.


Olive oil can be replaced by makeup remover.Dlyaetogo enough to put a little oil on a cotton tamponchik akkuratnymidvizheniyami and rub it all over your face.Thanks to this incredibly simple, effective procedure nozamechatelno skin not only clean, but also become hydrated.

If skin is oily, then after treatment facial swab with the oil should wash spenkoy or tonic.If you have dry skin, you can not

use other means poslemasla, and leave it for half an hour for the additional power.

olive oil to eliminate pesky stretch

Olive oil effectively combats skin with stretch marks.If you regularly vtiratsmes olive oils and cosmetic problem in the chest, buttocks, abdomen, thighs - stretching will decrease, and the skin will be as smooth, elastic.

Among the most popular recipes used by women of fashion, housewives, include toning mask with olive oil.It also includes: sour cream, lemon juice, carrot juice (all of a teaspoon) and yeast (2 teaspoons) .If apply a mask for 15 minutes, the skin will get all it needs to denvitaminy.

facial lotions with olive oil

Cucumber Lotion, made with oil, is considered to be probably one of the best ways to nourish the skin of the face.The only drawback of such losona- it must be sure to use only fresh.

It consists of olive oil - 3 liters, cucumber juice - 4 l, rose water - 1 chaynayalozhka and soda - less than half a teaspoon.This composition is applied to clean, with no make-up face, and after a minute or two washed away.The facial skin lotion after obrabotkietim looks clean and well maintained.

use olive oil for hair

If the hair is lost luster and vitality, became dry and brittle, mozhnopopytatsya regain their health with the help of olive oil.It normalizuetrabotu your sebaceous glands and helps to win such unpleasant phenomena kakperhot and hair loss.

in beauty salons, based on olive oil nourishing masks prepared by adding aromatic oils and other ingredients.These hair mask neslozhnoprigotovit and at home, using products that are in any refrigerator.

Olive oil for hair strengthening

To prepare reinforcing masochku that prevent vypadenievolos, for this we need: lemon juice, egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons warm masla.Vse components should be thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair,and from roots and distributing throughout.At the head need to put liboshapochku or waterproof bag, wrap a towel on top (best egoprogret previously) and leave for an hour.Then wash off the mask.

give good results and hair masks oatmeal, yogurt irazlichnyh fruit.By adding any of them a spoon of olive oil, mozhnoznachitelno reinforce healing effect.

To return the hair a healthy appearance, enough to mix 2-3 lozhkiolivkovogo oil (the amount will depend on the length of the hair) and juice odnogolimona.The mixture was neatly put on hair, wrap and very zhelatelnoostavit until morning.Wash off in the morning with warm water and shampoo.To quickly smytmaslo with hair shampoo should be applied to dry hair and only potomsmachivat water.

Experiment, and you are sure to find your perfect recipe for beauty.

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