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It is the most beautiful in the New Year

As for the remaining two weeks to tidy himself up?Is it possible to do this in such a short time?Nothing is impossible, it skazhetlyubaya woman.So what to do?


If you have not gone to the gym, it's time zanyatsyaaerobikoy.This can be done at home.Now on the Internet you can find good programmypo fitness that just 10 days will lead you to the form (if the excess spring exceeds 10 kg).Arrange a intense workout 4 times a nedelyu.Ne lazy!You can achieve results quite like when you visit a room.

Vitamin therapy

First of all, you need to strengthen your immune system.Poraprinimat Vitaminka, but rather a multivitamin.Paying due attention in vitaminamgruppy, they are beneficial to the skin, hair and nails.Beauty trebuetvitamin!After a meal we do not get all the necessary vitamins.Just for dvenedeli we will improve the condition of our skin.

addition vitamin, eat more vegetables and winter are useful fruktov.Naibolee broccoli, pumpkin, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, persimmons, etc.Do not ne

glect nutrition.Correctly composed ratsionuluchshit health.


There is a time to do facial peels.Best of all chemical (Multiacid or glycol).The course is 5 peels and mesotherapy seansov.Rekomendovano pass.The course, which is 10 procedures.Already cherezneskolko procedures you will see great results.Stanetelastichnee your skin and improve its color.You will be able to observe the disappearance melkihmorschinok.

cellulite massage

not underestimate the power of anti-cellulite massage.As razest time pass two-week course.You can go to a hardware or ruchnoy.Vybor you.One and the other have a good effect.The results will be seen uzhecherez 10 procedures.

addition to massage, it is recommended to start doing obertyvaniya.Vsego 10 procedures, many women easily removed up to 5 cm in the hips and talii.Samymi effective mud wraps believe, chocolate and svodoroslyami.If you do massage and wraps in a complex, the result budetotmennym.

injections for a beautiful face

Injections Beauty prefer to older women.Molodenkiedevushki is not practiced.Preparations gialouranovoy acid uvlazhnitkozhu help, give it a tone, to improve the shape of the face.The result will be after pervogoseansa.The latter procedure is done a week before the New Year.Then sledovot shots will not be visible.

Women who have deep wrinkles, fillers and botulinum toxin polzuyutsyainektsiyami.Beauticians recommend injections nesrazu.First, fillers, and in a time and Botox.The break between protsedurami- week.At this time it is to abstain from alcohol and smoking.

Perfect Christmas hairstyle

First of all, before the New Year should be vosstanovitpovrezhdennye hairs.They need intensive care.Starting her nuzhnokak time for 2 weeks before the New Year.The recovery program includes masks snaturalnymi oils, collagen, nutrition hair follicles, scalp massage dlyakrovoobrascheniya.

change his hairstyle, hair repaint.It's better vsegodelat a week before the New Year.That it was time to change it if neponravitsya.Change your image.And we celebrate the New Year another person.

best hairstyles for New Year

beautiful hairstyle for the New Year is very important.After all, you samayakrasivaya girl, and have to look fabulous.Think your way.We nemnogopogovorim a festive styling that will be relevant in the New Year's Eve.

For very lazy - you can simply align the hairs ipodobrat beautiful accessories.Very fashionable this season dlinnayachelka side.Fashion and accessories is now in the style of the 20s.So choose a tiara Spur, with beautiful barrettes with stones, headbands, pearls.

laying long hair

Fashionable will make lush curls romanticheskievolny soft, smooth and low tails, shells, woven braids.Fantasy mozhnorazgulyatsya.

zacheshite Clean hair back in a ponytail at the back or side.Volosysleduet fix rezinochkoy.It is best to take a special roller sozdaniyaobemnyh pilings.Screw him well on the hair and pull up to the elastic band.Zakrepitevse rasterebite pins and hair, to cover the roller.Laying nuzhnozafiksirovat pins and varnish.

styling for medium length

girl with medium length hair were more fortunate of all.There ochenmnogo options to transform themselves through hairstyles.The retro style will aktualen- light waves, shaggy, soft beams, wiring.

my well head.On wet hair Apply foam ivysushivaem them.Screw-on hair curling.It is necessary to divide the hair naprobor (direct).From the temple take a strand of hair and curl up into a bundle.Prihvatyvaya egou back of the invisible.We do the same on the other side.Sprinkled vselakom and decorate the place invisible comb.

styling for short hair

we put on clean hair styling gel.Now razdelyaemna parting.We spread a wave of the parting of the way.Each wave nuzhnozafiksirovat invisible.But the other side of the hair combed behind her ear.We look forward to pokavolosy dry and remove the gel from the invisible.Sprinkled with hair lacquer.Ukrashaemvolosy barrette.Great idea for short hair.

Care body and face

now skin care body and face must be intense.And neeksperimentiruyte new brands of cosmetics that you do not have an allergy.Do not forget to spend time every day for your skin.Twice nedelyudelayte masochki.

Brovki and cilia

Sign up in advance for the correction of eyebrows and eyelashes.Let spetsialistvneset the final touches to your image.Especially need to pre-register, vedpered new year everyone will be busy.Correction and dyeing is done in 10days before the holiday.And the time will still have to pick up the necessary make-up make-up artist.Unforgettable for manicures and pedicures.

most important is a good sleep.Do not forget to get enough sleep, otherwise all the works nothing.Because the body has to rest from the daily bustle ibyt form before the holidays.We have a good New Year!

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