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How to shave your legs the machine?

If you are unable to visit a beauty salon, it is not beda.V our own time and you can make yourself hair removal so that even vsalone can not make perfect.Shaving legs with a razor - the fastest way to bring them vporyadok.Now you can remove hairs with a razor, not only from the legs, but also zonybikini and underarms.With razor spend less time and money.

In this procedure, there is one big drawback, because kotorogomnogie suffer.After hair removal via shaving razor, on the second day ilitrety hairs grow again.And to have to carry out the procedure again.Nekotoryezhenschiny shave legs every day.This is a disadvantage, but for many it has become a tradition every day -brit legs.We'll have to either accept or use drugimimetodami.

Cooking feet to the procedure

In fact, it seems that there is such a razor to shave legs? Nothing complicated.But not everyone knows about some of the nuances that pomogutpravilno shave legs.First you need to prepare your skin for the procedure.Neobhodimoprinyat hot sho

wer.The water is excellent to steam the skin, together with the hairs stanutmyagche and they will be easier to remove.During the shower, rub the skin of the legs well mochalochkoys shower gel.

That's not all.Effectively helps prepare skin for shaving a good body scrub.Well proskrabiruyte skin, it removes otshelushivshuyusyakozhu and dead cells of the epidermis.Etopredotvratit ingrown hairs.The skin is ready for shaving.Now you can smelopristupat to shave.

Do not just grab a razor and shave off all fast.For nachalanuzhno applied to the skin mousse or shaving foam.It is advisable to buy imennozhenskuyu foam, use foam instead of her husband.For women penkirazrabotany especially for more sensitive skin and in their composition estuspokaivayuschie oil.After shaving, the skin is soft and hydrated.Under no circumstances should not be used instead of soap foam.It's very dry skin.After togokak leg covered in foam to gently hold the razor across the skin from the bottom up.Zhatna blade is not worth it, because you can damage the skin and hurt.After each poloskibritya need to clean the shaver so that it is not contaminated, wash it with water jet podhoroshey need as often as possible.

When the legs have to be shaved, vymyvaetsyapod machine thoroughly with water and wiped.Rinse it under cold water is necessary because of zagoryachey water blunts the blade quickly.Balance after procedures nuzhnovyteret or rinse with water.For dry skin should apply a moisturizer posleepilyatsii.This cream can be purchased at any beauty store.If voznikaetsilnoe skin irritation, the process can be hydrocortisone cream.This means horosheeantisepticheskoe.Experts recommend shaving legs in the morning, until kozhabolee elastic and soft.

correct machine

not only important fact as to shave the legs, but also how the machine.Narynke today, so many models of razors that are no longer understood kakoyyavlyaetsya good.Advertising invaded TV, and each proizvoditelutverzhdaet their razor is the best and will remain smooth legs dolgoevremya.But whether to believe in advertising?It is necessary to rely on experience.

now immense popularity began to take the shaver to operate on batteries.They can be used for both dry and dlyavlazhnogo shaving legs.Such a razor is very convenient to take on trips, and domaoni not superfluous.Newer models are fitted with trimmers that are very budutkstati to align the hair in the intimate zone.

good female razor greatly facilitate life.Vybiratnuzhno razor with three blades.And it is desirable that they are enriched in any oil (Aloe, peach, mango).It will be more efficient shave.Now sovremennyebritvy equipped with technology and coated sharpening "comfort".It pridastbrityu a pure character.But the floating head will repeat everything vashidvizheniya and now inaccessible places Shaving will not.

very anxious to relate to shave before visiting basseynaili trip to the sea.Do not shave your legs the day before the event.It is necessary for beauty pozabotitsyao earlier.At least for one day.Because salt water feet can pokrytsyarazdrazheniem.And it will not be very pleasant holiday.

We want to legs were perfectly smooth and vybritymi.Poetomu need to be serious about shaving and carefully monitor gigienoynozhek.Girl's best friend - a quality razor.

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