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Perfect legs: how to choose the right tights

What DEN: how to select the density of tights?

The first thing you should look for when buying pantyhose - density.To indicate the density of tights use a concept such as DEN.The concept of DEN represents the weight strand length of 9 kilometers, in grams.For example, the mark 20 on stockings DEN means that with a length of 9000 meters yarn weighs 20 grams.

In most density thin tights least 15 DEN, their wear to social events or in hot weather.Such models are so thin that simply invisible.Tights density of 15 to 20 DEN opt for the warm season.The density of tights 40 DEN suggests, these tights fit and cold autumn.And in the winter weather is better to give preference tights from 50 to 180 DEN.

density and differs in different parts of tights.For example, at a density of tights 40 DEN, in pants, shorts, on the heels, toes, it can reach up to 70 DEN.

main criteria when choosing tights

To select good tights need to know a few tricks.

Firstly, good quality stockings have the same good smell.Only bran

d product has a sharp, but very pleasant smell fragrances.But producing fakes at underground facilities and simply can not give tights pleasant aroma.The smell, which is inherent in the brand tights, often worth more than the items themselves, and this can only afford a good company.

Second, pay attention to the seam.Stretch stockings on a palm, and see how the fabric is connected.There is flat and round appearance of the seam.So, the only inherent quality tights flat seam.Besides flat seam practically rubs his feet.

Third, the belt must be wide.Its width should be about 3-4 cm.So tights will not roll down and crawl.Must necessarily be gusset.This little piece of cotton cloth several times improves the hygienic properties of the product and strengthens it.

Fourth, pay attention to the composition.In any pantyhose Percentage indicates what the thread used.Price depends on Spandex and Lycra, the greater their interest in hosiery, the more expensive they will be.In cool and winter choose pantyhose in which a high percentage of wool, cotton and microfiber.Avoid models with a high percentage of polyamide.They can cause irritation to the skin and even allergic reactions.And when choosing children's tights give preference to models made of cotton, which include viscose or lycra.This synthetic fibers are responsible for the practicality and appearance.

And fifth, choose the appropriate size.The main parameters: weight, height and hips.Explanation Size: S - small, M - medium, L - large, XL - very large.However, each company its size, so if you need to purchase consult the table height and weight indicated on the package.