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Caring for women's feet, the prevention of varicose veins folk recipes

necessary to wash your feet every day, because after a foot out toxins and wastes.

Baths can revive and refresh the entire body, improve blood circulation to your feet.

- Baths with salt, the duration of such a procedure in fifteen minutes.The salt can be an ordinary stone and sea.
- Bath with essential oils, relaxing.Take a bath of 100 grams of a mixture of mint, birch leaves and chamomile flowers.This mixture fill with a liter of boiling water and infuse for forty minutes.It will provide an aromatherapy session and create a tonic effect for the soles of your feet.
- Tray with the addition of herbal concoctions.Here, you can use any medicinal herbs.In India, to get rid of foot odor do decoctions of bay leaf, marjoram, lavender, thyme, sage.And to soften the skin fit the bath with a decoction of calendula.
- Tray contrast.It has a tonic effect.For this procedure, you will need 2 basin with hot and cold water.We in turn immerse feet in cold water for 3 minutes and in hot water fo

r 3 minutes.This procedure can not be carried out before bedtime.

to heel were not rude
necessary after a bath when the skin is tender, remove from the soles of the feet using pumice, dead skin particles.The layers should be removed once or twice a week, preferably in the evening, because after such a procedure, the skin is vulnerable, it is easy to rub his feet, and ranked mote may even hurt your foot.

Foot Massage
massage should be done once or twice a week, it stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscle tension.Massage your feet with cream, because the soles of the feet contain many points that are responsible for the functioning of internal organs.If the cream is not at hand, you can use olive oil.Rub the foot from the toes to the ankles.Excess oil or cream will remove napkin.It is a foot massage, moving from the toes to the heel.

- Strong sole shall pound.
- circular movements of hands massaging foot.
- to warm up each finger.

Athlete's Foot Powder
stir two tablespoons of hexamine powder and two tablespoons of talc.This mixture prisyplem areas between the toes and soles of the feet.We are making this procedure every day for 6 days.While the treatment lasts not wash his feet and socks do not change.Already on the seventh day do leg bath and a change of socks.A month later, repeat the course.

Istolchem ​​powder four tablespoons of boric acid, add half a teaspoon of alum and stir.This composition every morning sprinkle legs, put on clean socks.To get the best effect in each sock sprinkle a little powder.In the evening will wash feet with warm water.Within two weeks of sweating of the feet pass.

remedy for mild sweating feet
It would help if we wipe his feet after washing with 2% solution of boric or salicylic alcohol.After sprinkle scented talcum foot.

remedy for corns on the feet
steam foot in hot water for 30 or 40 minutes.Take a little lemon peel with pulp and bind to the corn for 5 or 6 days.Corn should go.

Siberian Folk remedy for corns
Fill 4 tablespoons onion skin, a glass of vinegar and will insist two weeks.Then put the corn on the onion peel and tie a bandage and leave overnight.Repeat the procedure until no blisters need 5 to 7 treatments.

from cracks on the feet
Before the procedure, do a hot bath, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda and steam up.Then prepare mush of onion, impose on the heel, will lay polyethylene zabintuem and leave overnight.In the morning we will wash the feet, heels and wipe pumice smazhem nourishing cream.After 2 or 3 procedures will be cracked heels.

cracks will help mask with castor oil
Mix a tablespoon of castor oil, 2 teaspoons of the decoction of chamomile flowers, and half a tablespoon of alcohol.To add talc slurry.Apply to the sore spots mask for forty minutes, then smoem.

folk remedies Treatment of varicose veins
Prevention varicose folk remedies should be complex.So better to treat varicose folk remedies with herbs.Thus, we will accelerate the healing process.In the treatment of varicose veins need to follow a diet.

Methods for treating varicose veins
- Take the garlic, crush it.It should be bluish husk and white.Stir it with two pieces of butter.This mixture will make the night a protruding veins, we put on top of the parchment paper, fix a warm scarf.In the morning swill legs and wear something warm.

- Take rastolchёnnuyu herb wormwood and mix it with sour milk.The resulting slurry was put on a bandage and compress it obernёm our feet.Besides it is necessary to use mashed apples, which is prepared as follows: take 3 apples Antonovka, Let us pour a liter of boiling water and wait for 3 hours.Apples vynem and turn to mush.We eat porridge in the morning and evening for 2 tablespoons.

- Take 2 tablespoons of nettles, pour a glass of boiled water, one o'clock, filter and drink 3 times a day for ¼ cup.After 4 weeks, you need to take a break for two weeks and then repeat the treatment.This treatment is effective, but it is very safe.The treatment course of 6 months.Besides it is necessary to strictly adhere to the diet.Exclude fish, meats, fatty meat.After this treatment you can even walk.

- on a coffee grinder to grind some nutmeg.A tablespoon of this powder Fill the cup of boiling water, put in a tablespoon of honey.All mix thoroughly and let it brew for half an hour.This drink an hour before breakfast and another glass of this drink in 2 hours.When varicose veins need to eat pine nuts.

Traditional recipes - foot care
To remove the swelling down will help you compress, made of birch leaves.Make canvas bags, they put a kilogram of birch leaves and put these bags at night, top strengthen their ties.This procedure is done for five days, take only fresh leaves.

nezastarelye To remove corns make a compress of breadcrumbs, pre-moisten it with vinegar.This wrap do before going to bed and applying it to corn for 8 days.

From wet and dry calluses from keratinous places on the soles of the feet get rid using compresses and wraps with the infusion of tea fungus.

Foot Care
- Take 1 part interior pork fat and 2 parts honey apply on chapped place and secure gauze bandage and leave for two hours.

- Will cracks on the feet if cooked in 30 minutes in the milk apple.

- Dilute blue clay and this mush apply on foot.Once it dries, smoem warm water soaked his feet cream.

- tough skin on the knees can be mitigated citrus mask.Mix one part lemon juice or orange and ten pieces of vegetable oil, then apply the mixture on your knees and leave it for twenty minutes, then smoem smazhem warm water and nourishing cream.

- To prevent a decoction of the potato peel and progreem in the resulting broth feet.Thus, the skin will become flexible legs and soft.Nails cease to exfoliate and soles of the feet are tender.This procedure will prevent your feet from arthritic phenomena, from corns, cracks on the heels.Keep feet in the broth should be 20 to 25 minutes.After taking a bath, wash out feet warm clear water and smazhem castor oil.

- To remove the tired feet, will wash them in the infusion of wormwood.

Now we know about the care of female legs prevention of varicose veins folk recipes.Looking after your feet and making these simple procedures, you can relieve your feet from sweating, corns, cracks, swelling and varicose veins.

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