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Treatment of leg edema folk remedies

Reasons for swollen legs
often cause leg edema is a wrong way of life.If you move a little, a sedentary lifestyle, often sitting with his legs crossed, which leads to stagnation of blood and lymph.Because of this, there is swelling, and it happens not only in the summer heat.

bad shoes leads to edema.If you wear high-heeled shoes, the muscles of the legs of women is practically not used, they simply do not work, and this can lead to swelling of the legs.If you do heavy physical work, you spend much time on their feet, it can cause swelling of the legs.The most common cause of edema is overweight.On

edema affect diseases such as venous insufficiency, varicose veins, flat feet, thrombosis, kidney disease and cardiovascular system.If you have ankles were swelling, they indicate heart failure.In older women appear swelling associated with heart disease.Swelling of the young say about the disease vessels.This type of edema indicates smoking.

Why pregnant swollen feet?
during pregnancy often have swe

lling, but do not panic.In all pregnant women for the entire pregnancy at least once there is swelling.We need to worry about, then when this phenomenon takes permanent.Most often this disease in pregnant women called dropsy.Nothing needs to be taken for treatment if not accompanied by edema disease, for example, protein in the urine.Swelling can be not only on their feet may swell eyelids, abdominal wall, lower back swelling appear, it becomes difficult to walk, but can also appear on the face, hands.Then pregnant women gain more than 20 kilograms in weight.

very difficult to make the treatment of edema in a pregnant woman, because it is responsible for the condition of their fetus.It is much easier to prevent the disease.Some doctors believe that the swelling appear because of the large consumption of water, but it is not.The reason is the accumulation of salts in the body that accumulate and attract fluid.Do not just abandon the salt, but products such as fast food, marinades, pickles, smoked necessarily taken by pregnant women.They needed during pregnancy to give up the above listed products and then we can be sure about the health of the baby and the pregnancy will proceed normally.

If you treat edema, it is necessary to reduce the intake of fluid should be monitored any fluid that includes water, this fruit, vegetable soup, and so on.During pregnancy, you can not use diuretics, you need to talk to your doctor, because these funds are washed out of the body's calcium, which is responsible for the child's skeleton.

as a folk remedy to treat swelling of the feet?
Treatment legs due to the reasons for their occurrence.If you orthopedic swelling, you need to buy the right shoes.This shoe meets certain rules, it should be wide and loose.Fingers in it should be in a natural position, the heel should be low than to go without it altogether.As the experts advise, in order to avoid swelling of the legs, you need to wear compression tights and stockings.This underwear helps blood flow, prevents stagnation of blood vessels and helps to be in good shape.It is undesirable to wear stockings, as they clamped leg veins, preference should be given tights and golf.

Also need to make their own efforts, and after 19. 00 not to drink plenty of fluids and using herbal infusions try to deduce the excess liquid.If you are pregnant, this need to be very careful, and only with a doctor's permission to use herbal infusions, as different herbs have different effects on a pregnant woman and can cause slight dizziness, as well as premature birth.

diuretics such as decoctions of horsetail extract of linden flower, leaf, birch buds.A method of infusion - to take 3 tablespoons of birch buds, horsetail and the same knotweed.Mix everything and take 1 teaspoon of the herbal mixture.Then pour herbal cup of boiling water.Insist 30 minutes, then strain and drink 3 days with breaks after a meal and 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.The course of the application of this infusion of approximately 21 days.

Now we have learned how to use folk remedies to treat swelling of the feet.