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Foot Care: soft heel

Legs can not be called beautiful if the skin on the heels cracked, rough, rough and yellow.A simple solution would be to apply to the beauty salon.There are professionals and they will do well maintained and beautiful every part of our body.But not everyone has the time and money to visit beauty salons.

How to make a smooth heel?

As can be at home to do the heel manicured and smooth?Many women cut coarsened and thickened skin with a razor, but it should not do.You can imagine cause serious injuries and get the opposite result, because after cutting the skin is rapidly growing the next layer, and the more cut off, the skin becomes thicker at the heel.

To prevent rough skin on heels and soften the skin, you need to do the bath, this procedure will be most effective.The composition of the baths is individually taking into account the characteristics of the skin: soap-soda, herbal, salt and so on.Choose a simple bath, for the preparation of this bath always have the ingredients on hand.This glass of m
ilk, a cup of soapy solution and 3 tablespoons of salt.Mix everything in a bowl with hot water, soak feet for about 1 hour, or 30 to 40 minutes.After a steam bath to clean off the top layer, this fine-grained pumice stone or use a brush with stiff bristles.Cleared areas smazhem nourishing cream for the feet.This procedure will benefit if we repeat regularly and gradually remove the rough skin.

To return legs groomed and youthful appearance, you will need 1 tablespoon of olive oil, a small plastic bag and socks.To moisturize and soften the skin of the feet inflict olive oil, polyethylene wrap and put on his feet socks.We are doing it at night before bed, so nothing prevented softening feet.In the morning you will be surprised by the magical properties of olive oil.Your feet will be soft, soft, soften calluses, several such procedures and calluses disappear.

Baths and masks heels

Many funds for the care of foot skin, you can try to experiment by selecting any, until you find something different, that your legs will enjoy the most.If you make a face mask from fruits and vegetables, the residues can also be used for the heels, because they also need vitamin nutrition.

mask of fresh zucchini, if you do it once a week - will make the heel satin like flower petals.Young squash finely shall cut, impose on the gauze and 30 minutes to spare heels.Then smoem smazhem warm water and nourishing cream that we use.

efficiency will mask the heels of apricots, it will make the skin on the heels of silk.Fresh apricots in a bowl stretch our fork, add 2 drops of olive oil, stir 2 to 3 minutes over low heat endure.Warm porridge apply on your heels, top prikroem polyethylene and zabintuem, put on socks.This mask hold 20 minutes, then smoem cool water and apply a nourishing cream.

skin on the heels will be more tender if you make application for the night with a fat cream or corn oil.Liberally smazhem heels, put plastic wrap on top and zabintuem overnight.On the morning after the usual 20 minute foot bath gently rub your heels with pumice fine.Repeat this procedure several times a week, the skin on the heels will delight you, it will be the same as a child.

Surprisingly transforms skin heels bath with white wine, making it 1 time per month.Heat up a glass of white wine in a saucepan until bubbles, add 1 tablespoon of lime blossom, cover and cook for a few minutes.Then Spill the mixture in a small bowl, and when a little cool, immerse the heel for 10 minutes.After this time, the heel with a soft washcloth, and then drop them into the wine, and so do a few times.Already after the first treatment you will see and feel the skin on the heels becomes soft, smooth and pink.

Herbal lotion.There are many medicinal herbs, which are able to care for the skin of feet.They will be available from the broth in a series, daisies, cornflowers, mint, green tea.Get rid of cracked heels can be using hot wraps, lotions, warm herbal baths.After the bath do massage the skin on his heels with fat cream.

legs girls should be well maintained and immaculate appearance.On the heels of corns are formed, which must be isolated from young beautiful feet.You can take care of the heels at home.Remove rough skin heels special pumice or brush.Before that steam your feet in warm water with liquid soap.

When the legs to steam, proceed to clean the heels.During the probe fingertips skin to not wipe up holes.If you feel that your heels have become smooth, the procedure ends.Then dry the feet with a towel and plot emollient cream or nourishing cream.

heel to become smooth and soft, take vegetable oil, pour in the palm and sprinkle salt.Circular movements processed heels.This is a scrub that removes dead skin cells, and using the oil softens the skin more.

mask of egg yolk, lemon juice and potato starch

Take 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon of potato starch and 1 egg yolk.Steam the legs, apply the mixture and wait until the mixture is dry.When she turns into a crust, smoem it with warm water, then smazhem moisturizing emulsion or cream.

skin on the heels will be soft and smooth, if after the bath to rub warmed olive oil or olive pulp.Heel dry and covered with cracks from the sun and water, when we sunbathe and swim.To the front of sunbathing and swimming to protect the legs, feet put on the skin moisturizer.

Very rough skin heels gently removed, and the heel is made of soft, if we make a poultice of onions.After the bath with the soap-soda solution or with herbs applicable to heels for the night 1/2 small onion, previously scalded with boiling water.Do not give up because of the smell of the onion compress, onion close with plastic wrap and carefully zabintuem heel and in the morning all smoem.After washing, rub the skin with a pumice stone and apply a nourishing rich cream.If you show patience, then after a few such procedures heels are soft, and the skin becomes smooth.

If you have noticed that the skin on the heels began to grow coarse, lost its elasticity, and its upper layers are covered with cracks, you should immediately take action.If they do not accept the heels will crack and will need more serious treatment.

In such cases, help lotions from marshmallow root.Take 2 tablespoons marshmallow root, ½ fill with water at room temperature in an enamel bowl, close and put in a water bath.Heated for 30 minutes, stirring.When the resulting broth to cool to room temperature, soak it in gauze and apply to the soles of his feet for 30 minutes.Repeat lotion 2 times a day until your heels are tender.

clean skin on the heels can scrub for the feet, making it 1 time per week.Select the type of peeling skin on the feet.Scrub put on an oval pumice or oval grinding nail file and gently in a circular motion massaging the skin heels.Procedures make no more than 3 minutes, otherwise it may injure skin.After such treatment, or use a moisturizing emollient cream for legs.


get rid of fine cuts on his heels can in a few days if applied to the soles of his feet grated apple.Rub on a small grater juicy apple, put applesauce on a piece of thick fabric and attached to the soles of his feet, fix a compress bandage.


to moisture deep cracks on the heels, wipe the heel slice of fresh tomato.In the absence of tomatoes we use unsalted tomato juice.


- After a hot bath set foot on the heels of mashed cabbage leaf or gruel of cabbage leaf.In the morning remove and cabbage smazhem foot fat cream.

- After the foot bath of hot heels smear honey on top will cover a cabbage leaf and will fix a compress bandage.The procedure was repeated several times.


Take 2 tablespoons minced root Althea, fill it with ½ liter of water at room temperature in an enamel bowl, cover tightly, we cover, stirring often, heated in a water bath for 30 minutes.Then cool to room temperature, wetting the broth gauze and applied on a half-hour to the heels.This procedure is done twice a day, morning and evening, if the skin on the heels became brittle and lost its elasticity.

All these measures will help to soften the skin on the heels, make them attractive, pink, soft and smooth.Care heels at home does not take much time and will ease your feet in the best light.Now we know what you need to take care of the feet to the heels were soft.We must not forget to take care of and heels regularly indulge their masks and creams, then you can proudly wear stylish sandals.And all the men will be at your feet.