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The fungus of the foot and toes

Fungi are ubiquitous.One of the directions of mycology - the science of mushrooms - has been a very difficult problem of protecting spacecraft by destroying them in a vacuum mushrooms.But back from the dizzying heights of the earth, and let's talk about the danger to any person.About 500 species of fungi are pathogens of fungal infections - fungal diseases of humans and animals.The most common disease-causing fungi settle on hands and feet.Without treatment, they can penetrate deep into the body and, in addition to aesthetic, cause serious health problems.So, what is so dangerous fungus foot and toes, and how to win?It turns out that even a few ways - we need only take the issue seriously.

Fungal diseases of the foot and toes today - the most common infectious disease of the skin.Every fifth inhabitant of the planet is a manifestation of mycosis.This "mushroom expansion" due to changed conditions of life.In the past, the victims of fungi often were people with weakened immune systems - the elderly and

children, today under threat of infection - we all are.Spoiled ecology, constant stress have made our defense avoidable for persistent fungi.

Where we await the ubiquitous fungi?Firstly, mushrooms "move" from one person to another on pieces of diseased tissue - scales nails, hair, skin.Therefore, the most risky places - a zone of mass walking barefoot - baths, saunas, gyms and swimming pools.Although the fungus can "trap" and on the handrail in the subway, and even in the "guest" sneakers.Secondly, as the true criminals, agents of fungal infections prefer dark and hot places."Greenhouse Effect" shoe makes the fact that 80 per cent accounted for fungal infections of the foot.

hardest part when mycosis - treatment of nails.Yellowing, loss of gloss and a layer of nail plate - only the outer side of the iceberg.Fungi penetrate very deeply - to the root of the nail, but a medicine to bring very difficult.Moreover, the full recovery occurs only after a complete change of the nail, which is about 4 months!What to do?Remove the nail surgically, as it did in the past, and drink not without side-effects common action?

Traditional medicine offers a simple and effective recipes, have a powerful therapeutic effect and does not have side effects.If you visit the "zone of risk" - saunas and pools or travel a lot, the protective procedures.

Traditional recipes from fungus foot and toes

1.Vzyat streptotsida some pills, crush them to get one teaspoon of powder.Pour streptocid in china, to drive a single raw egg with shell and pour 2 tablespoons.spoon of vinegar.Mix everything, shell potoloch and leave no time.May is so much time to completely dissolve the eggshell.Then again all mix well and this ointment to lubricate the damaged areas.Spend the procedure several times, although it is often enough one.

2. Completely wash your feet before going to bed, rub a towel on top and bottom, and between the fingers sprinkle powder pulverized into dust tablet metranidozola - 0.25, he is, in pharmacies.If the lesion reached the foot, the sole need to damp sprinkle with the same powder, wrap the foot cloth and put on top of the socks.And so go during the day.Four days later, the procedure must be repeated, as if to make the same a third time, the fungus will disappear without a trace.

3. Take the flower kalanchoe, previously separated from the sheet and attach the skin to the wound.Every day, a day to tie new leaf.After a time the wounds will heal.

4. Good help with fungus of the foot and toes trays of freshly brewed hot (which can only endure) coffee.

5. Good treats fungus under the nail tincture of hemlock.At an early stage already this week you can get rid of the problem.Wipe the sore spots infusion necessary in the morning and evening.