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During the winter orange peel pretty spoils "natural landscape" of the body.The reason for that - sloth and gluttony.So on the way to the ideal you will have more and more to move, ensure that you eat, and, of course, call for help modeling tools.

It's in our genes

Cellulite appears not only as a result of poor lifestyle, but also inherited.All these problems will solve CelluliLaser D.Code (Biotherm).He breaks down the fat cells, inhibits the formation of new, liquid outlet, say, working for the good of your figure.

massage session

Anti-cellulite formula in duet with massage.Roller Gel "Intensive care» (Garnier) will smooth your skin in 7 days.

double formula

cellulite The two-phase system Anew Clinical (Avon) contains cream, which breaks down fat deposits and gel with a cooling effect, tightens the skin.

your feet - not just a means of transportation, but also seduction.So in your best interest to provide them with adequate care.The whole day spent on his heels in the evening fraugh

t with swelling, heaviness and pain in the limbs, and gait with such symptoms podium will not name.Facilitate the participation of tired legs will help simple exercise.Lie down on a flat surface and put straight legs on a support above the level of the head 10-15 cm. This ten-minute rest will flasks of blood.As a result of fatigue in his legs will take part.Another will be the salvation of gels and creams for the feet with a cooling effect.Their ingredients stimulate circulation and leave a feeling of coolness that brings quick relief and ease.

Pure clean

Without a global cleansing heels can not do.For foot care popular means there are many.But there is most necessary.Brush Pumice Foot Foot Care Pumice Brush (Oriflame) will help in this difficult process: it will remove dirt and dead skin cells and calluses.

Game balls

soluble in water, pedicure bath beads for Stiletto (Alessandro) exude a subtle fragrance of essential oils, relieve fatigue and pleasantly tickled heels.

Straight to the point

On our foot are hundreds of nerve endings, which are responsible for the state of virtually every organ.Stimulation of these points is the reaction of the corresponding systems of the body, normalizing their work in helping to achieve a balance.Therefore, the skin is to be well-groomed and perfectly healthy.That is, without calluses, corns and cracks.Sand heels help scrub for the feet.By the way, you can cook it myself, mixed with olive oil sea salt, freshly ground coffee and brown sugar.


In each hair follicle is introduced needle that supplies a current.Painful procedure and exchange rate, but gets rid of hair permanently.

Laser hair removal

flash laser penetrates into the hair bulb, heats and destroys the follicle.Not very effective for light hair.


The skin is pulled into the vacuum nozzle and falls under the flashes of light that quickly and painlessly destroys the hair.The vacuum facilitates access to the hair follicles.Suitable for dark coarse hair.The effect of hair removal is observed after 10 sessions.

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