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Pain in the legs

Objective: To take care of the veins
severity and pain in the legs can occur with varicose veins and other vascular diseases.
What to do: pass inspection at phlebologist which includes Doppler ultrasound of the veins and arteries.Do not abuse the "hot procedures" in the bath and shower.Try to change the position of the feet often.At the initial stage of varicose disease helps physiotherapy, ointment-venotoniki.The next step requires sclerotherapy (injection into a vein substances splicing its walls).Highly advanced and diseased veins are removed surgically.On the condition of the veins adversely affected by a number of hormonal contraceptives.

support the arch of the foot
Fatigue often walking for flat when the arch of the foot barely keeps body weight.Discomfort increases flat shoes.
WHAT TO DO: the presence of the disease diagnoses pediatrician or orthopedist, computer optical diagnostics will determine the degree of flatfoot.The doctor will select special insoles and arch supports a set of gym
nastic exercises.The reason may be flatfoot and overweight.
to the foot rest: to go for weight Sazhnev mat, starting with 1-2 steps, gradually increasing them to 10-15;roll the foot tennis ball, not getting it.

The goal: to remove muscle spasm
Leg pain can occur due to spasm of the gastrocnemius muscle.It happens to lovers of high heels.
WHAT TO DO: Get a neurologist and an orthopedist.Relieve spasm massage, physiotherapy, effective procedures postisometric relaxation (PIR).To the muscles were normal: the optimum heel height of 3-4 cm.
If you are worried about some problem with your physical or mental well-being, but you do not know where to turn for help - write to us, and we will choose for youoptimal variant.

Purpose: To adjust the spine
Problems in the spinal department often lead to the emergence of the so-called of referred pain, that is,Suggested as a foot.Back when this may not bother.
What to do: to diagnose spine neurology, orthopedics, to make X-ray images, in some cases, a computer (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).Identify the possible consequences of injury (if any) with the neurosurgeon.If you have problems at the back helps massage, classic or Thai, as well as physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy.Can be effective training on special rehabilitation trainers - they are carried out on an individual program with metered loads.Therefore, it is better to start in a specialized center.
to the spine was normal: a heating sagebrush cigars, acupressure, occupational therapy, therapeutic baths.When changing posture (even minor) any load (eg the bag) are distributed evenly as possible on both hands.

Objective: to "liberate" ligament
Do damage musculoskeletal, orthopedic traumatologist determine.When the pain localized in one joint, it is necessary to turn to the rheumatologist or orthopedist.

WHAT TO DO: joint problems at the initial stage is easy to compensate.First of all, you need: ultrasound, x-rays, blood tests - clinical and rheumatological tests (blood from a vein).The content of calcium in the body is checked by means of densitometry.Treatment depends on the disease and its stage.At the initial stage of the diet used, joint exercises, massage, acupuncture, therapeutic baths.The next - medicines, physical therapy (application of medicines), magnetic.To ligaments and muscles were normal: immersion in cedar barrel, moxibustion on acupuncture points sagebrush cigars.

Objective: To evaluate the metabolic processes
severity and pain in the legs when walking may be a symptom of metabolic disorders in the body.
what to do two or three times at an interval to measure blood glucose (fasting).With its high performance to continue examination by an endocrinologist.

Purpose: check the "pelvis"
If leg pain accompanied by swelling them, including hidden (when the evening shoes too small, there are traces of the straps and elastics socks) you need to check the status of women's bodies.
what to do, contact your gynecologist and make a pelvic ultrasound.
treatment depending on the results of the survey.When veins in the pelvis using hirudotherapy (in consultation with a gynecologist).