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The ideal figure of Joyce Vedran

The program perfectly combines two systems of training: Oriental martial arts (dynamic and isometric tension) and bodybuilding (exercise).Through this exercise is evenly distributed on all muscle groups: abdominal muscles, buttocks, chest, shoulders, back, calves, biceps and triceps.
Thus all muscles of the body receive the necessary physical activity, 2 times a week, buttocks and abdominal muscles - 3 times a week.

exercise helps: the harmonious development of the figures with maloobemnoy muscular system, eliminate sagging flabby areas of the body;improve posture and gait;increase vitality.

recommended diet does not have strict restrictions.Having achieved the desired results, you can once a week during the day there is anything you want, and forget the diet on holidays and during the holidays.

must say that I myself have never complied with and do not follow a strict diet, since they have never suffered from excess weight, so I can not confirm the validity of their own experience J. dietary recomm

endations. Vedran.But to me they seem to be quite reasonable.

Why Joyce Vedran developed this version of his system?
Earlier, George. Vedran recommended set of three pairs of dumbbells.Then she developed a training program for women of her age (indeed, the younger successfully engaged in this program) 4 times a week for 75 minutes with a set of dumbbells, barbells and simulators.She received a lot of positive feedback about the one or the other program, but was forced to admit that a lot of women because of excessive employment would prefer daily, but short training, and with simpler equipment, which can be performed at any time and under any conditions.According to Joyce, she was faced with this problem, a lot of traveling.

why Joyce Vedran decided to develop on the basis of their system a new program of activities to achieve the perfect figure to summarize the direction of their efforts: reduced quantity, but quality is improved.

  • When performing activities under the new program has to work harder, so you can reduce the amount of exercise 2 times.
  • Instead of performing four exercises for a certain muscle group can be limited to two.
  • No need to spend time constantly changing dumbbells, barbells and exercise equipment: a pair of 1.5-kilogram dumbbells - that's all it would take.
  • Since the program is designed for intense exercise, rest between series of exercises just 5-10 seconds, not 45-60, as usual.
  • shorten the duration of physical activity until 1.5 hours a week obtain the same effect as that of the 5-hour weekly load.
  • One lesson is reduced from 75 to 12 minutes, because now we are invited to work as intensively, following the program, based on isometric and dynamic tension, minimize, muscle isolation and separate methodology training.

    Who can deal with this program?
  • Women to improve the shape, muscle tone, reduction of excess weight, the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Men who want to have relief, developed muscles with high muscle tone and an average volume of muscle mass.
  • Those who can not attend the gym (because of employment, travel, personal injury).
  • Bodybuilders using the program J. Vedran as a warm up before strength training.
When the positive

On assurances Joyce, in a week you should feel that they have become stronger, leaner and more energetic, and three weeks later reach conclusive positive results.I must say that I felt slimmer after the first session.Of course, weight or volume after one session have not changed, but the feeling firmer muscles, straighter posture appeared immediately.

Then Joyce promises, within three months of training, not only you, but your friends will be amazed with the results.And finally, after six months you will not have a single gram of excess fat, you will achieve a perfect figure and will be happy to look at his reflection in the mirror.If we reject some advertising pathos her confidence, I still convinced that the success of the activities of the proposed program is quite achievable.

Of course, it should observe a certain diet, which is part of the program Vedran.She describes it in some detail, but he did not seem calculated to the Russian way of life, so you should only emphasize that it is focusing on low-calorie foods, mostly - on fruits, vegetables, grains, low-fat fish, meat.And like many others, advises minimize pastries, meats, alcohol ... Nothing new, all reasonable and useful.And I really liked the wish Vedran not focus on meticulous calorie counting.I agree with her that it is difficult to stick to train a particular diet, because we have now and then await temptation like parties, banquets and so on. N. She advises in this case is all that treat, enjoy a holiday, socializing with friends, and alreadyTomorrow you can arrange fasting day.According to her, do not deny yourself the pleasure of this kind, and to live a full life.I agree with her completely.

Brief explanation of key terms in the Joyce Vedran

isometric tension: an exercise in which one group of muscles located in the stress, opposing muscle group or another hard surface.For example, sitting on a chair, keep your upper arm to the body, lowering his arm down to the elbow was pinned to the waist, then squeeze a fist and tense the biceps of his right hand as much as possible.Begin to bend the arm, keeping the maximum voltage in the biceps.Continue to bend hand up until your fist is raised to shoulder level.Then, while continuing to maintain the maximum voltage of the biceps, return the arm to its original position.

Please note that the muscle increases in volume when the arm is bent.

Dynamic Voltage: saving compression energy in the stretched muscle tissue.Using dynamic tension - the main difference between the proposed 12-minute training program and traditional bodybuilding workouts.For example, you continue to stretch the muscles as much as possible at a time when returning to the starting position with a stretched muscle tissue.At first glance it may seem that this requirement can not be satisfied.You can, if you make some effort, called dynamic voltage.

Muscle isolation: each muscle individually designed, separate from all the others.Muscle isolation can not be achieved, for example, when walking, when you go, at the same time get the majority of the burden of muscles in your body, and you are working on your thighs, calves, shoulders, buttocks, abdominal area, chest and even on the neck and back.That's why walking is one of the best types of exercise for those who want to reduce the amount of fat tissue.And when you spend training system of muscle isolation, you develop only one muscle or muscle group, which inevitably leads to a change in the configuration of the area of ​​the body.

In the next issue, I will continue the story of the new program J. Vedran and proposed to begin to develop a set of exercises.All who wish to join this may be yet to prepare for classes - to pick up clothes and dumbbells.

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