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How to choose a good nail file?

Segodnyakrasivye and well-groomed nails are important to women.After all, we vneshnemuvidu others may judge us.In addition, women handle almost always vidu.I be very embarrassing if the nails are unkempt.You can constantly poseschatsalon beauty and make it a manicure, but in fact it does not always have the time.Tomuzhe, a manicure own is very simple.For beautiful manicure vashemarsenale should be some nail files.For information on how to choose a good nail file dlyanogtey, we'll tell you in this article.

Differences pilochekdlya nail

Uvidevpered a huge variety of nail files, girl mozhetrasteryatsya.It is difficult to choose what is not very well versed.For the first time all you need to know that nail files differ in the extent zhestkosti.Zhestkost measured Gritti.The higher the Gritti, the less evaporation from the nail file so it is softer.

Pilochkis abrasive from 100 to 180 Gritti iskusstvennyhnogtey designed to handle, since they are natural too hard.Emery with abrasive from 240 180do G

ritti perfect for natural nails.Grit from 240 to 500gritt need for grinding, and more than 1,000 Gritti - for polishing the nail plate.

Pilochkav 80 Gritti - the tough, 100 Gritti - very tough, Gritti 120 - tough, 180gritt - medium hardness, 220 Gritti - average, 320 Gritti - softer and 400gritt - soft.

Horoshayapilochka in any case should not crumble, as well as it does not have ostavatsyasledy of nails.Before you buy is better to check the strength of a nail file.

Pilochkiotlichayutsya of abrasion, the size, the material from which they are made, atakzhe form.What nail file is best suited for you?This voprosmozhete only answer you, because you need to start from the individual osobennosteystroeniya nail plate and personal preferences.But note that priobrabatyvanii nail file nail edge should be easy to grind quickly iravnomerno.

Chtobyponyat is right for your nails nail file, nail after treatment ponemu need to swipe your finger.If the surface is rough and rough, like the pilochkane for your nails.Also pay attention to what you do not exfoliate liu nails after nail file?It is also a clear sign that the nail file nepodhodit.

Vzhenskoy beautician must have at least two nail files.The first - for formirovaniyaformy nail, and the second - for polishing.The main thing - do not try to save nahoroshey nail file, because your nails will suffer.

Raznovidnostipilochek polish

Suschestvuetogromnoe variety of nail files.


Takiepilochki coarse and they are suitable only for artificial akrilovyhnogtey.If you have gel nails, then they need to use more myagkiepilochki.For the treatment of natural nails in no case be ispolzovatmetallicheskie nail files, since they injure the nail plate and lead krassloeniyu nails.If you have been using a nail file and used to it, tootdayte prefer fine-grained nail file semicircular shape.


Takiepilochki used to impart the desired shape nails.Furthermore, ceramic nail file suitable to handle ogrubevshuyukozhu around the nail plate.If you have weak nails, the nail file imennokeramicheskaya - this is what you need!

Files naderevyannoy based

Takiepilochki are the most durable of all those sold in the segodnyashniyden.During operation, nail file does not vibrate in the hands, but it is less flexible chemdrugie nail files.To smooth these shortcomings, nail files made polukrugloyformy to make it easier to use them.It is also worth noting that the very basis of nail files naderevyannoy whimsical care.Wash them is impossible, and onitolko stored in a special bag.

dlyapolirovaniya Nail Files

esliv want to add shine and align the nail plate, you need imennotakaya nail file.Most often sold such nailfiles "4 in 1" .Polirovochnuyu nail file to be used with great caution, and do not stoitzloupotreblyat polishing.Professionals recommend polishing nogtevuyuplastinu only twice a year, otherwise it will greatly thinned, and your nails budutpostoyanno break.

Files snazhdachnoy crumbs or polyurethane

Takiepilochki by far the most popular among girls.Firstly, for onischadyaschie marigold, and secondly, the cost of such nail files quite low.Krometogo, they are suitable both for natural and for artificial nails.Edinstvennyyih drawback is that they can not wash under water.But for dry cleaning mozhnoispolzovat toothbrush.Also worth noting is that such luchshevsego nail files used only for themselves, because they do not wash.

Korundovyepilochki polish

Vneshnetakie nail files are similar to previous ones, but their cost is higher.Such pilochkiochen durable, so the price is higher.

Steklyannyepilochki polish

Steklyannyepilochki are professional polish.They are considered the most luchshimi.Krome that they have no expiration date.They can be used for a long time, oniprosty to care: they can be wet under water and wipe dezinfitsiruyuschimisredstvami.

Steklyannayapilochka can be coarse and fine-grained.Melkozernistyeispolzuyutsya for polishing the nail plate and leveling the surface of the nail file nogtya.Takaya for both artificial and natural nogtey.Posle for its use nails do not exfoliate and do not break.When leaving a nail file nail zaiskusstvennymi during sometimes need smachivat.Eta nail file is not afraid of no water, no salt solutions or high temperatures idazhe ultraviolet rays.

Udobnoyi quality glass nail file nail file is a "Singer".Onaobladaet all the benefits of glass nail files, so it is very chastoispolzuyut in salons.

Hrustalnyepilochki polish

Takiepilochki also considered the best.But they are expensive, so it's worth pripokupke make sure that you do not get fake.Cost nail files budetzaviset on its size and shape.This crystal nail file absolyutnobezopasna nail and cuticle.It does not injure the nail and after eeispolzovaniya not need to be reprocessed legs polishing nail file.

Takzheetu nail file can be used for the treatment of cuticles and skin around nogtey.Posle its use the skin becomes soft and smooth.It is suitable dlyanaturalnyh and for artificial nails.But artificial nogteypilochku need to moisten in water to make it tougher.

Pilochkumozhno process by any means.With it, nothing will happen.Nedostatokpilochki only that she might accidentally break.

Almaznyepilochki polish

Takiepilochki ideal for polishing the nail plate.She also horoshopodoydet for solid and unbreakable nails.Diamond Nail File are dlitelnyysrok service.

Files seffektom sealing

Takiepilochki recommended for the weak and split nails.This pilochkaochen exactly to file the nail, as it cuts it creates when etomidealny, smooth and brilliant cut.

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