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Primer in cosmetics

Primer as one of zhenskihsekretov beauty, helps us to look confident in all situations INE afraid "swam makeup."If you vsegdahotite look chic and be on top, if you like to change the images, then obyazatelnopopolnite its collection makeup base makeup.

primer composition

In nelegkomvybore makeup base must be guided to the first team.It is from this overriding factor and it shall depend on its effectiveness.The correct primer for the type vasheykozhi give more impressive results.

primers suschestvuyutvo all forms, but the lion's share is in general liquid and creamy.Vypuskayuttakzhe tinted primers, tselyukotoryh is correct skin imperfections.

In most cases a primer soderzhitsilikon.Silicones align the color and texture of the skin, and most importantly - garantiruyutustoychivost makeup.But not all so rosy as it would seem.Some of formsilikona clog pores, so these primers recommended girls ssuhoy skin.

suhoykozhi also for primers to add a silk powder, which is almost 100% is izaminoki

slot.This supports the right level of hydration iprodolzhitelnoe time saved matting effect.

Praymerybez silicone, for example based on clay or cornstarch less persistent nosoderzhat adsorbents absorbing excess sebum.A etoidealny option for oily and combination skin.

Types primers

Conditionally praymerydlya face can be divided into the following groups depending on the effect kotoryyhotim get.

Matting (creamy or solid form)

  • Plus: oily skin matte gives, narrows enlarged pores, suitable for zharkoyletney weather when makeup tends to spread.
  • Less: long soaks

Moisturizer (form as a clear cream, lotion)

  • Plus: give shine dry and mature skin, wrinkles effektivnorazglazhivaet.
  • Less: Silicone

Tinted (lotion or cream with a touch)

Plus : evens skin tone, skryvaetvospaleniya.

  • primer lavender gives brightness blednoykozhe;
  • yellow shade primer amplifies the tan;
  • Green is able to hide small inflammation;
  • ; lilac hide sallow complexion.

Less : if improperly applied heavier makeup.

addition primers face suschestvuyutpraymery for lips, eyelids, eyelashes and nails.

Eye (creamy)

  • Plus: pridaetkosmetiki eye resistance, prevents shadows slide and crumble;dlyatorzhestv suitable when you need to make eyes held all day.
  • Less: mozhetsushit skin.

for eyelashes (clear or white)

  • Plus: transforms the lashes, making of more obmom and long, giving them a soft iuprugosti.
  • Less: obychnoploho washed off at the wrong application form lumps.

Lips (creamy)

  • Plus: predotvraschaetrastekanie and erasing lipstick makes lips more voluminous.
  • Less: some formulas cause dryness.

Features naneseniyapraymera

  1. Primer is better to put konsillernoy iziskusstvennoy brush bristles.Thanks brush primer lays down exactly.
  2. primer is applied to dry skin or poslepolnogo absorbed moisturizer.
  3. Eye Primer applied only to verhnieveki.Uses for the lower irrational because the task makeup primer sdelatstoykim century.
  4. Primer Lip enough a couple of drops, wait memorable absorbed before applying lipstick or gloss.Basis gubv a pencil is much more convenient, it is easier draws contour of the lips.
  5. Primer for eyelashes choose transparent onlozhitsya more quickly.

not stoitzabyvat that the primer does not eliminate the cause, but only helps to hide nedostatkikozhi, to provide hydration and create a smooth base for makeup.But, undoubtedly, it is a secret weapon, should be in the arsenal of every woman.And once you try, you will not give it up zahotiteot.