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Allergies to perfumes

History proves that zhenschinyvsegda sought to look attractive and desirable.For centuries praktikovalisvsevozmozhnye beauty rituals from bathing in goat milk to ezhednevnogonatiraniya body with olive oil.Over time, many ancient secrets krasotybyli forgotten, while others were driven by modern technology, but naneseniekapelki spirits, as a finishing touch of beauty ritual, remained unchanged.

no matter how great was your zhelanienesti for slaughter trail favorite perfume on the way to it often gets bolshayaproblema, and her name - allergy.

allergy to perfumes - dovolnorasprostranennaya and unpleasant problem that occurs frequently even those ktonikogda previously not encountered it.

first manifestation vozniknoveniyaallergii to perfumes is the emergence of a headache, then there obschayaslabost and deteriorating health, there is irritation of the respiratory tract, vnekotoryh cases at the site of the spirits of skin reactions can occur vvide redness and rashes.


1. Acquired spirits yavlyayutsyapoddelkoy.

Previously allergic to perfume neproyavlyalas, chances are you got a fake product.

protection against counterfeiting dostatochnoslozhno, sometimes they are even on the shelves with expensive shops horosheyreputatsiey.Nevertheless, to protect themselves and reduce the risk priobreteniyapoddelki, use some tips:

  • try to acquire duhiv underpasses and markets;
  • very low price duhiizvestnyh brands should alert you, most likely a fake in front of you (the price of spirits known brands can be found on their official website);
  • zakazuduhov to be treated with caution over the Internet, buy spirits only with trusted sites.
  • Remember that fake duhimogut not only cause allergies but also be toxic, life-threatening.Nebolshayasumma, saved on the difference between the original and the fake, mozhetzakonchitsya years of expensive treatment.

2. Individual components neperenosimostnekotoryh spirits .

Allergies to perfumes can vozniknutiz of individual intolerance as a component of synthetic perfumes, after part of them natural floral ingredients.To izbezhatallergii before purchase spirits carefully study their composition, checking nanalichie them allergens.Floral component allergens often vyyavitnamnogo easier, whereas with synthetic ingredients is the case namnogoslozhnee.Unfortunately, many manufacturers, including well-known brands, is often "forget" to indicate in the list of ingredients or that a chemical component.

To maximize obezopasitsebya from allergies, the choice of spirits, follow these simple rules:

  1. Purchase perfumes labeled "hypoallergenic" and "product has been dermatologically tested."
  2. Try to acquire natural ukompany spirits producers, proven in the market, and is positioned as a manufacturer of natural cosmetics and perfumes.
  3. allergy can cause alcohol contained vbolshinstve spirits.To solve this problem, you can use kachestveduhov natural essential oils or mixtures thereof.
  4. Avoid cheap perfume.
  5. If you have an allergy to a particular brand of perfume, Do not use the funds from the same family of products, there will likely vsegoallergiya to them.

Reduce the risk vozniknoveniyaallergii help testers and samplers.To check svoyuindividualnuyu tolerance to the selected spirits, before you purchase, apply a drop of perfume on the wrist and walk 20-30 minutes through the store if you feel good, the flavor is not "suffocating" and you did not have nikakihkozhnyh reactions - safely purchase products.

order not to provoke allergiyuna spirits should follow some precautions:

  1. Do not apply concentrated perfume on otkrytyedlya active sun exposure skin.The consequences can bytnepredskazuemymi and range from simple redness to change pigmentatsiikozhi.
  2. Remember that spirits have srokgodnosti (3 years in sealed), after which the spirits nachinayutportitsya.People who are prone to allergies is not recommended to use perfume posleistecheniya date.
  3. Keep spirits protected otpryamyh sunlight and high temperature place.

If you have an allergy naduhi advised to stop their continued use, take a shower, or if at the moment this is not possible, thoroughly clean the skin, means sessions were applied perfume, water.A few days after allergicheskayareaktsiya skin go away, but to speed up the process, mozhnoprinyat drugs against allergies.It is recommended to visit an allergist to help podobratpravilnye drugs.In addition, the doctor will do tests that can detect the allergens that in the future will help to avoid errors vyboreparfyumernoy and cosmetic products, and therefore allergies.