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Little-known facts about lipstick

But Catholics and Katalocheskayatserkov were against such female reception.They said that lipstick nagubah women - is nothing but a mutilation of the holy image of the Virgin Mary.Takmnogie woman just because of lipstick resisted persecution and were oglashenyvedmami.

But in England, in the 16th century when the ruler was Elizabeth I, the fashion began vhoditsovershenno new trend - a snow-white skin that ottenyalaskrovavo red lip shade.At that time, lipstick was made on osnovepchelinogo wax and its composition were added special coloring rastitelnyeekstrakty.Unfortunately, the era of fashion lipstick did not last long.V1653, the movement rebelled under the leadership of the pastor and lipstick as ostalnayakosmetika were called devilish antics.English Parliament takzhevstupil on this path.In 1770, a goal has been issued a special decree, which declared that the woman who deceived a man with the help of cosmetics, should fall into the category of witches.

But not only the pastor iparlament were opp

osed to cosmetics, to treat them and Queen Viktoriya.Tak, in 1800 she decided to name the vulgar make-up will tactfully ipravilno.

This trend and lasted to 19 century.As long lipstick was considered a sign of levity zhenskogopola.But opposition to women was even stronger.Since the time nachalosprotivostoyanie floors, so many representatives of the beautiful sex vystupaliza lipstick.One of them was Sarah Bernhardt, and she said that cosmetics - Eton other than the greatest discovery.

Home dawn

Only the first half of the opening lipstick 20veka recognized among women's cosmetics.In 1949 godubyli produced the first machines for the production of lipsticks.Production packaging B special plastic bags and metal tubes.Since proizvodstvobylo fully mechanized and automated, the cost izdeliynachala decrease, so became available to many women.

most obscure parts

Ancient Greece otlichilastem that red lipstick always belonged to prostitutes.So smogliuznavat their customers.The difference was noticeable because other women and did notenjoyed makeup.

In England lipstick nazyvalasmaloy painting.In 1650, Parliament tried to do everything possible chtobyzapretit lipstick, but did not get support.

In the Roman Empire takzhebylo decided to paint lipstick people engaged in prostitution.In tomchisle they were men who were on the lip color can recognize.

Like no other, DzhordzhVashington resorted to the use of cosmetics: he painted lips, apply the shadow ikrasil wig.

Kansas in 1915 goduhoteli introduce a special decree.Women who have completed more than 44goda should not have the right to make with the help of lipstick, poskolkuoni create false charm.

¬ęBarmoral" - is one ihottenkov red lipstick with a purple glow.This color is introduced Elizabeth II, who has made up this particular lipstick during her coronation.

Every day around the world 75% color lipstick.

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