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How to choose a bra for feeding

A good bra is the one that has four important qualities: be comfortable enough to maintain good breast, to protect the confidentiality of feeding and to be easy to use.

Forms Nursing Bra


bra-tops are good for feeding in the first weeks after birth, when the process of milk production have not yet fully installed, which leads to fluctuations in the size of the breast.These bras breasts well supported by a broad back, wide straps and a sufficiently dense material.They are good for sleep, as often happens when a young mother after childbirth experiences discomfort and an increased sensitivity of the breast in the first days of feeding.An important advantage of bra-tops is their low cost, in the current economic environment is becoming a significant advantage for many families.However, these isotopes have one drawback - they are not suitable for women with heavy and large breasts.

to choose a quality bra-top in the first place should pay attention to the material from which it is made.The

ideal, of course, is a natural material, such as cotton, but must be present elastic threads.

bra with detachable cup

These bras for feeding is good to use when the process is finally established lactation.The main criterion of the bra by which to judge its quality is the ability to easily open and close the cup with one hand.

Some women prefer underwire bras.But experts do not recommend wearing such underwear after birth even in the first few weeks.Wearing this bra can lead to difficulty passing through the ducts of milk.The ideal situation is a product with soft bones, whereby the breast is not as compressed.However, owners of large breasts really need additional support.

choice of material

material from which made the bra should be well-breathable, non-allergenic and irritation to the skin, do not trap moisture, be elastic and pleasant to the touch.

In our time, in the production of these bras are widely used synthetic materials such as nylon, microfiber, taktel, meril, micromodal.These materials are hypoallergenic, well lets air and moisture, elasticity, it does not lose its shape.Nursing bra made of these materials, may be an excellent alternative to cotton items.

General advice

  • not use tight bras, as they may contribute to clogged wearing milk channels, which in turn can lead to various diseases of the breast.
  • not choose bras that open in the front completely.It is difficult room after breast feeding back.
  • desirable to have available three bra, one in use and one in a washing cabinet.

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