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Powder - the correct selection and application

blush and shadow is much more convenient to put on top of the powder than without it: the brush glides better and the paint goes smoother.Powder help and if suddenly applying blush or eyeshadow look too gaudy.One only has to walk through a little cheek or eyelids puff like paint softened, and transitions between them are not as noticeable.

That is why the pages MirSovetov we decided to tell all about the powder: what it is and how it is applied.

What happens powder?

Modern powder - a complex mixture of natural kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc and milled silk, and various nutritional supplements - there are two main variations: friable and compact.

Loose powder evenly and thinly spread lies, completely mixing with the foundation.Unfortunately, the loose powder is not diarrhea in a purse, so it is better to use in the process of applying the basic make-up, just before leaving the house.

Compact powder, on the contrary - a permanent inhabitant of handbags, always ready to help out if all of a sudde

n in the office or visiting your nose glistened.By the way, due to the high fat content, it is ideal for dry skin.

Terracotta powder containing milled healing mud - an alternative to the shadows for a century or blush saturated hue tan.It perfectly underlines the contours of the face, but alas!- Do not look for pale skin and nezagorevshey.

Another type of powder - liquid powder-cream, which is perfect for dry and normal skin.Owners of oily skin, on the contrary, the liquid powder is better not to experiment, because it is even more sharply reveal all the flaws.

way, those whose skin is not ideal, can help green powder, just designed to mask skin imperfections: acne, treads veins, red spots.Green Dot powder is applied only to those places that you want to hide, and be sure to impose a layer of powder over skin color.

There is also a powder in the form of colored balls.This powder has the effect of light reflection and because it helps to give the skin a special freshness, it should be applied only to a very transparent layer.

If you are going to a party, select a shimmering powder.The golden or silver particles contained in a powder, under floodlights give the skin a mysterious shimmer.Should I remind you that in the daylight shimmering powder on the face does not look natural, and indeed, any evening make-up?And yet, shimmering powder is applied to the cheekbones, temples, hands, décolleté, but in any case not in the middle of the face.

Powder is used in medical applications.Thus, antiseptic powder contains various antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.Application with a sterile cotton wool, this powder quickly soothe inflamed skin.The main thing is not to use antiseptic powder for normal or dry skin, otherwise you can only hurt yourself.

How to choose the right shade of powder?

If you do not use creams, guided only by their natural skin color, and if you ever use a concealer - and then at him.Note that the compact powder makes natural skin tone a little darker.Ideally, the color of the powder should match the color of the skin and foundation;however, if the powder will suddenly a little lighter, nothing wrong with that.

easiest choice - to buy a colorless powder, which is suitable for almost any skin tone or foundation.However, remember that dark or tanned skin, colorless powder is able to give a grayish hue.So if you have just returned from the south or visit the solarium, the best option for you would be toned powder, earthy tones.If, on the contrary, you have not had time to get a tan, then go around doing the pink hues - they will pale skin unnatural.

How to apply powder?

To begin with, it is desirable to wait until the day and soak up the foundation to the end, otherwise the powder will fall unevenly, and the skin will look blotchy.

Powder is best to apply a thick brush or powder puff, and it is better to use something, and another simultaneously.

On cheekbones and the side of the face powder is applied with a brush.This excess powder trapped in the brush, you can simply blow away or shake.Once a week, the brush should be washed in warm water with soap and dry well in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight.By puff powder is applied to the central part of the face (forehead, nose and chin).Dialing powder puff, to start push it to the back of your hand - so you push the powder in the powder puff.And only now, cautiously, slowly, with light circular touch generously apply the powder on the face.

Pripudrivayas always, pay special attention to the central part of the face, which are tight enough sweat and sebaceous glands, so that the powder to be applied very carefully.If suddenly in the middle of the day you noticed on the nose or chin shine, do not rush immediately to get her compact.First, you must get rid of greasy, for example, using a tissue, and then only gradually powder "problem" places.A little secret: if you apply powder on the eyelids and lips, the eye shadow and lipstick will stay much longer.If you pre-Eyelash powder, then cover them with ink, then the lashes will appear thicker.

Finally MirSovetov recalls that should not be used longer than the allotted her powder shelf life - 3 years.And do not buy the powder, if it is not packaged the information about where, when and by whom it was made, and is a list of its ingredients.If you buy a compact powder, make sure that the powder box was comfortable, easy to open and closes properly and necessarily had a small mirror.And yet, a good powder in no case should not create the skin "effect of plaster."If so, it is better to replace it with a higher-quality version, which lies on the person exactly like a second skin.Only then will your art always look attractive to reach perfection.

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