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Classic is always in fashion: how to choose and what to wear classic clothing coat

classical female coat Spring 2015

Before tell you, what should wear classic coats in the spring of 2015, to determine which coat can be called classic.The first model is considered classical coat straight, slightly fitted silhouette with deferred collar and belt.Typically, this style coat made of half-woolen and woolen fabrics.The most pleasant and expensive fabrics - cashmere.He is very warm and soft, and is made of wool of goats special breed.Fabric done manually, so is it very expensive.But cashmere coat will serve you faithfully for many years, and its classic style is out of fashion.Groupies more practical outerwear, you should choose leather coats in style classic.Always actual direct coat of matt black leather with a belt and collar.

From what to wear classic coats in the spring of 2015?

Create stylish image depends on the color of the coat.For classic women's coat are characteristic two main colors - black and gray.They, like the style, never out of fashion.Besides outerwear in a range

of colors it is very practical and goes well with other colors things.

So, this spring classic black coat stylists advise to combine with fashion accessories.For example, you can buy either stole elegant woolen shawl.From the color palette to prefer Wraps bright spring colors: blue, green, pink, crimson.As a headdress perfect bowler hat or a wide-felt hat - they will add a bit of charm to your image.Early spring can be supplemented with a black coat and fur: False collar or sleeve for hands.

gray coat this spring should act faceless image-based, so you can safely experiment with color and prints accessories.So, diversify strict business image through gray coat, you can use bright accessories: gloves, bags, hats.For this purpose, use the accessories following colors: fuchsia, marsala, indigo, blue, and purple and turquoise.

How to choose a classic women's coat?

main criterion when choosing - sleeve.If the coat sleeve does not reach the upper limit of the thumb, this model does not fit your size.If the sleeve length is correct, then you need to pay attention to the back and look to see how the cut back.Coats should not "bubble" and "pucker", and shoulders should be in place.

After that, make sure that the coat at the waist and below the sitting correctly.The waistline should be where it should be not lower than or above.Otherwise, a good fit in the back and shoulders completely leveled offset reliefs in the lower part of the figure.Also, a classic coat should not strap a figure like a dress, but should not be too wide.A good indicator, if a thin coat fit wool sweater and with this additional layer of clothing it sits better than without it.

To match the style of the classic double-breasted coat, choose with a belt of medium width and wide collar.If you plan to purchase leather model, then give preference to the black coat of matte or patent leather.Note that if the skin is lacquered, then give preference to charcoal gray, black or dark-chocolate color.Classical length coat - to the knee.But no less impressive look long and classic models from the skin.

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