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Beauty Secrets: pumpkin face mask

Useful properties of pumpkin

For a long time, a pumpkin is used for cosmetic purposes.Razrabotanomnozhestvo creams with the addition of pumpkin oil.Traditional medicine uses pumpkin in raw and cooked.Used vegetable pulp, seeds.Luchshevsego pumpkin make a couple, so stores more useful properties.From otvaratykvy received an excellent conditioner for hair.After that hair stanutblestyaschimi and life.

Pumpkin perfectly stored in the cold season, and etomsohranyaet all useful properties.Therefore, vegetable and appreciated.In winter vremyamasok face of natural products is not so much to do.But esttykva, from which the delicious porridge and useful mask.Worth noting chtotykva contains carotene, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B, C and E, PP.Poetomuovosch swarms helpful.And now we go to the most important - kmaskam face.

Best facial masks out of pumpkins

mask irritation

For this mask you will need a teaspoon of yellow or pink clay, a strong infusion of chamomile, two tablespoons o

f cooked oatmealpumpkin.All the ingredients you need to mix inanesti on face for 20 minutes.Pumpkin Mask will remove any irritation.A esliprimenyat her 3 times a week, it will not cause problems with the skin permanently.

Moisturizing Mask

small amount of peeled pumpkin seeds, a spoonful of honey, two Art.spoons of milk.Pumpkin seeds are very useful as the flesh itself.Their nuzhnohorosho crushed into flour.Then add honey and mix thoroughly all the milk.Smetannuyumassu applied to the entire face, avoiding the eye area.The mask is great moisturizes the skin inasyschaet magnesium.It's just a wonderful mask for the autumn-winter period.

good moisturizing masochka is from pumpkin pulp, pyureavokado and milk.All the ingredients you need to mix well and apply on face na15 minutes.In the cold years- just savior.

mask acne

Take honey, boiled pumpkin, and an infusion of green tea.Since vtykve large amounts of zinc, it is perfectly struggling with acne.All ingredientynuzhno mix and put on a clean face.Once washed the mask, it is not necessary nanositkrema.Let the skin rest.

mask of pigment spots

In a blender grind should be peeled pumpkin seeds, and the resulting flour dolitv little mineral water until a cream.The mixture namazatna face and wash off after 20 minutes with warm water.This procedure is desirable prodelyvat every day and in a month you can get rid of age spots.

Eye Mask

has done pumpkin mask with swelling around this glaz.Dlya taken mashed pumpkin and honey.All is well mixed and lies vmarlyu.This compresses applied to the area around the eyes.Keep kompressokolo 20 minutes.It effectively displays the excess fluid and reduce swelling.Spravitsyai with bags under his eyes.

mask for sensitive skin

Take the pumpkin flesh, only boiled.Then, oatmeal, honey and green tea.As a result, a good mixture is obtained.It is best to add more flakes vtepluyu pumpkin, so they are slightly softened.The chilled slurry is necessary to add the tea Imed.Apply masochku necessary for 20 minutes.

mask dark circles under the eyes

When you do not get enough sleep in the morning, these circles, chtodazhe foundation does not help.And here I came to help the pumpkin.Take myakottykvy boiled, cucumber juice, milk and fresh juice pumpkin.Masochka vyydetzhidkovatoy.So you need to take a cotton pad and moisten them in liquid.Now klademih eyes.Keep need about 15-20 minutes.

mask for dry skin

Cook the pumpkin and get mush - two tablespoons.Dobavlyaemv her a spoonful of olive oil.Masochku be kept 20 minutes.She effektivnouvlazhnyaet dry skin and gives it elasticity.Now the skin is not budetshelushitsya.The perfect tool to fall.

Pumpkin for oily skin

you need tomato juice and pumpkin puree.Mix all ingredientyi put on the face.Keep the mask to 20 minutes, as usual.After togokak washed the mask on your face need to apply a little honey, just for a couple of minutes.

Pumpkin Mask for normal skin

Take lemon juice, yogurt and a little pumpkin pulp.Takayamaska ​​moisturizes the skin and nourishes it useful components.Apply the mask nuzhnona 15 minutes.

If you regularly use these recipes for masks, ochenskoro then you will notice significant improvements in skin.Especially tykvumozhno even be used as a body scrub.This vegetable - just a storehouse of materials that are necessary for the person.The treasure, which we have forgotten.