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Face masks with aspirin

In this article, we'll tell you about the benefits of a conventional aspirinadlya skin, and share recipes masks on the basis of aspirin.Such maskihorosho cleanse the skin and rejuvenate it.Due to anti-svoystvamaspirin helps get rid of acne and inflammation of the skin.With regular egoispolzovanii narrow pores, shine fades, and the skin becomes fresher.

Funds with aspirin is recommended to owners zhirnoykozhi or problem with acne.With such a problem often stalkivayutsyav adolescence.Furthermore antiinflammatory properties of aspirin has iuvlazhnyayuschim effect.Thanks to its use of masks can be eliminated otakne, irritation and redness.

for masks is recommended to use pills that are uncovered shell.But there are some contraindications to the use dannogopreparata.It is not recommended for use in individualnoyneperenosimosti as may be allergic.Also, it can not be primenyatberemennym and lactating women.If vasodilation is not delatmaski with aspirin.

Face masks naosnove aspirin

mask scrub dlyazhirnoy and combination skin

To make a mask, you will need stolovayalozhka water, a teaspoon of vegetable oil (you can use any drugoemaslo thatsuitable for your skin type), a little honey and four tabletkiaspirina.To begin crush aspirin, then add them imaslo water with honey.All mix thoroughly and apply on face.After 10 minutmaska ​​washed off.

cleansing mask for all skin types

you need the following ingredients: honey lozhkateplogo dining room, two aspirin, half a teaspoon of jojoba oil.Maslodobavte in honey, and the resulting mixture was put in a water bath.Then dobavteaspirin pre-shredded.The temperature of the honey must not exceed 40gradusov as honey can lose their healing properties.Before naneseniemmaski recommended to steam the skin, and then use the scrub, chtobyluchshe open the pores.After that, apply a mask on your face evenly nadvadtsat minutes.Use this mask once a week is recommended.

mask for deep cleansing combination and oily skin

To prepare this mask you need to take four stolovuyulozhku water and aspirin.Aspirin grind into powder and smeshaytes water.Then, to the mixture, add oil (fruit or vegetable) and a little honey.If you have oily skin, you do not need to add oil.Nanesitemasku for 10 minutes, then rinse.

This mask with regular use not only ochischaetkozhu, but also eliminates the small imperfections and inflammation.If you have allergiyana honey, do not use it.

Whitening Mask, which helps get rid of blackheads iakne

Take two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice iperemeshayte its six pills powdered aspirin.Poluchennuyusmes apply on face for 10 minutes.Rinse off the mask to a sodovymrastvorom, not water.To prepare soda solution, stolovuyulozhku soda per liter of water.After a couple of applications of this mask your skin stanetsvezhey, clean, inflammation and acne will disappear.

aspirin mask for normal skin types

To make a mask, take two spoons of yogurt idve aspirin.Mix everything and apply on face for half an hour.Takuyumasku can be done in a day, and already after the first application you zametitepolozhitelnye results: minor redness disappear, the pores narrowed, kozhastanet softer and cleaner.Aspirin will have on the skin antiseptic, akefir saturate the skin with vitamins and soften it.If the hand you do not okazhetsyakefira, then instead you can use an ordinary plain yogurt.

mask for very oily skin

If you have tried many means protivvospalitelnyh of the skin, but you do not work, try this mask.Razomnitev powder two aspirin, add a tablespoon of warm ochischennoyvody.Apply the mask on problem areas of the face for half an hour and rinse under teployvodoy.In order to achieve positive results make this mask twice vnedelyu.

Tonic based on aspirin

To enhance the effect of masks with aspirin, cook another itonik with this substance.To do this, take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, eight tablespoons of mineral water, five tablets of aspirin.All peremeshaytei resulting solution wipe the face every day, focusing vnimanieproblemnym zones.If you have too sensitive skin, this tonic you nepodoydet.With regular use, this means your skin stanetzdorovee.

mask scrub with aspirin, honey and sea salt

To make a mask, take 30 grams of sea salt, honey and chaynuyulozhku two aspirin.Aspirin grind into powder and tschatelnoperemeshayte with other components.The mask is applied with light massage movements as scrub.Massage the face a few minutes, then wash prohladnoyvodoy.

anti-inflammatory mask based on aspirin and clay

To make a mask, take one teaspoon lozhkubeloy clay and mix it with two pulverizing tabletkamiaspirina.Pour the resulting mixture of warm mineral water and rub dogustoy consistency.The mask should be applied on clean skin irasparennuyu.Ten minutes later, it should be washed off.

Osobennostiispolzovaniya face masks on the basis of aspirin

To prepare the antiseptic, dostatochnorastvorit couple of aspirin tablets in purified water and obtained rastvoromprotirat skin.For masks with aspirin, you can choose any components kotoryehorosho suited to your skin type.Best of all aspirin sochetayutsyafruktovye and vegetable oils, as well as honey and apple cider vinegar.

masks, which have been described in this article, not only horoshoochischayut skin, but also serve as a peeling.In order not to hurt the skin, maskinuzhno keep as much time as specified.If you pochuvstvuetezhzhenie or other discomfort, immediately rinse off the face.

must know that the mask based on aspirin fit of News.They can not use those people who individualnayaneperenosimost this drug.Such masks can not be used often, takkak they can cause dryness and flaking of the skin, and this applies vsehtipov skin.Also, the constant use of such masks may cause kkuperozu - appearance vascular mesh on the face.

Face masks must be on the basis of aspirin ispolzovattolko evening before bedtime.After their use is recommended to avoid skin pryamyhpopadany sunlight to avoid burns.If this nevozmozhnoizbezhat, then use a sunscreen with a high protection level.