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Lifting facial mask

Uhodza face involves the use of various cosmetics, salonnyhprotsedur and the like.But do not count only on the cream ilosony.Very good results can be achieved with the help of folk masks.Vetoy article focuses on lifting masochki face.Regular primenenietakih masochek a couple of mesyatsevdast you the result.

Retseptyeffektivnyh lifting masks

Suschestvuetochen many recipes lifting masks.For their preparation used samyerazlichnye products that are very easy to buy.Such masks are suitable dlyalyubogo skin type and they are absolutely safe.

mask naosnove eggs

Prigotovittakuyu mask is very simple.However, before you put a mask on your face, kozhuneobhodimo well clear.Then break one egg and separate the protein otzheltka.For masks need protein.Apply it with a cotton swab nalichiko thin layer.Then give the mask for ten minutes, so that it dried up inalozhite another layer, after drying, apply a third coat.

sublayer protein facial skin well spoiled.After the procedure smoytemasochku warm wate

r and apply on face nourishing cream.To dobitsyapolozhitelnogo effect, this mask should be applied every other day or a half protyazheniimesyatsa.However, the mask on the basis of egg white is not worth dobavlyatdrugie ingredients, as this may disrupt the mechanics of the process.

mask of aloe

Maskaiz aloe is considered universal.Aloe can be found in every flower shop ilizhe use the one that is growing on your windowsill.Perhaps kazhdayazhenschina aware of the beneficial properties of this plant.Therefore it shirokoprimenyaetsya not only in medicine, but also in cosmetics.To make a mask, take a small piece of aloe vera, cut into small pieces and wrap vdva layer of foil.Put the plant in the refrigerator for two weeks.Poluchivsheesyazhele Put in sterilized jars.Jelly should be applied to the skin cherezden.The mask is applied on clean and moisturized skin.Dlyapolucheniya result lifting mask on his face to keep from pyatnadtsatiminut to half an hour.Washed off the mask with cold water.Duration of -poltora two months.The mask of aloe can be alternated egg masks.

honey mask

Medovyeliftingovye good mask rejuvenates the skin.Honey is generally very useful takkak contains a lot of nutrients.Especially good for osnovemeda mask and red and yellow vegetables or fruits.Such fruits and vegetables soderzhitsyavitamin A, which is responsible for skin elasticity.To make a mask, mix equal parts flesh peach, apricot or any drugogoovoscha / fruit with honey.The resulting mixture is thick evenly apply there and leave it for twenty-five minutes.This mask should be done two to triraza week.It is best to alternate with the mask masks gooseberry.

Votodin of the recipes of masks, which is suitable for women with normal and suhoykozhey.Take two tablespoons of gooseberry, mash them up kasheobraznogosostoyaniya and pour the resulting mixture half glass of milk (milk dolzhnobyt bit warm).Allow the mixture to infuse, then strain it and dobavtetuda tablespoon of any vegetable oil.The resulting slurry was put there for twenty minutes, then remove with the help of strained milk.If uvas oily skin, replace the milk to dry wine or low-fat yogurt (50ml).

mask naosnove olive oil

Olivkovoemaslo, as well as other components of the above masks, has tselebnymisvoystvami.It is often used in cosmetics to rejuvenate and podtyazhkikozhi.For skin it can be used without concern as it is non-clogging pores and not harm it.To prepare the lifting mask with olivkovymmaslom, take a bunch of dill, finely chop it and add to it chaynuyulozhku olive oil.Then grind two tablespoons of oatmeal and add to poluchennuyusmes dill with olive oil.As a result, you dolzhnapoluchitsya thick paste, which must be put on the face with a thick layer iostavit it for twenty minutes.After the procedure, wash with cold water.

Mozhnoprigotovit other equally effective mask with olive masla.Vozmite tomato, clean peel, chop and add to poluchennoymasse teaspoon of olive oil.The resulting mush apply on face and rinse with cherezpolchasa under lukewarm water.

Mask beloygliny

Maskin clay is very beneficial for the skin.With white clay can dobitsyazamechatelnogo lifting effect.Buy it, you can in any store, and it gives results prietom just wonderful.To make a mask izgliny, take two tablespoons of clay, add to svezhevyzhatyyvinogradny juice and eight drops of wheat germ oil.The resulting smesnanesite on face for twenty to thirty minutes.Then gently rinse slitsa and apply to the face of any moisturizer.

Mozhnoprigotovit and a mask.Take one tablespoon of white clay, add vnee juice of one lemon, a teaspoon of honey and mix everything carefully.Maskuneobhodimo applied to the pre-cleansed face.Keep it should be to tehpor until it is completely dry.Then rinse with lukewarm water iprotrite the skin cleansing tonic.

herbal compress

Vmestomasok you can use herbal compress.With it also mozhnodobitsya lifting effect.To prepare the herbal infusion, take odnustolovuyu spoon chamomile, sage, parsley and dill and pour a glass of krutogokipyatka.The infusion should insist for an hour.Then strain it irazdelite into two parts.One part heat.Using tampons poocherednoprikladyvayte them to problem areas on the face.Repeat this procedure neobhodimotri times a week for two months.Noticeable results poyavyatsyaposle fifteen sessions.

Masks dlyabystrogo result

esliv should immediately obtain a lifting effect on the face, then vospolzuytestakoy masochki:

linen mask

Vozmitesemena flax and grind them in a coffee grinder.A teaspoon of crushed semyanzaleyte cup of boiling water and cook on low heat for ten minut.Ostudite broth.Dampen a cotton cloth in the broth and put it on the face nadvadtsat minutes.The remains of the mask, remove with a cotton pad.

mask of green cosmetic clay

Vozmiteodnu tablespoon of clay, half cup of cream, a teaspoon negustogomeda protein and cabbage leaf.Cream to a boil and immediately pour nimikapustny sheet.Then chop the cabbage until mushy state idobavte to all the remaining ingredients.All mix thoroughly ipoluchennuyu mixture apply on face.Twenty minutes later, wash prohladnoyvodoy.

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