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Massage Asahi

This massage designed stylist Yukuko Tanaka, he takzherodom from Japan.The results of this procedure are as follows: a person is transformed, pulled, straightened, it looks younger.There napoverhnostnye impact and deep muscles, it turns pulling or lifting effect.Therefore, if you are still quite young skin, you are a young girl, no wrinkles, vypolnyatuprazhneniya not worth it.The procedure is aimed at people with an already old skin wrinkles imeyuscheymnogo where there is no clear facial contours.Massage need to perform every day, only then will the desired effect.It is better if even twice a day, morning ipered bedtime.It does not take a lot of time.The entire complex can be done in 7-10minut.

This procedure has contraindications.These include: boleznlimfaticheskoy system, diseases of the ear, nose and throat (especially vospalennyemindaliny), a disease of the skin.Even if you feel unwell provoditseans not worth it, because you can hurry and that something is not right to do, in rezultatechego get red

ness, skin stretching.

Before the start of the procedure to the person you need to nanestikrem or some butter, hand must slide smoothly on the skin.Nuzhnotakzhe to prepare the skin and gently rub.This type technology predpolagaetsilnye pushes, but the pain should not occur.If this suddenly happens, you should stop and once again read the instructions carefully, as etoyavlyaetsya evidence of wrong doing.Before starting the massage and posleny must be thoroughly cleaned face.

Exercise for ukrepleniyaovala face

odnustoronu fix a face, having rested in the center of the palm of the lower jaw bone.It neobhodimodlya gain resistance.On the other side of the face with an effort like podnyrnitetremya fingers of the hand from the beginning of the chewing muscles, and with a very strong nazhimomvedite fingers to the inner corner of the eye.The masseter is otserediny jaw diagonally past the corner of the lips.We press a little zaderzhivaemsyau eyes, literally a couple of seconds.Now just weaken our pressure, bends his fingers kstorone ears, then down to the clavicles.Repeat the exercise 10 times is necessary, do not forget about the second half of the face.With it We perform exactly zhemanipulyatsii.

create a clear gauge line between the chin and neck

We put the palm of his right hand on the same side face podpodborodok, fingers pointing towards the ear.Be sure to grab netolko jawbone and muscles that are located directly under the chin.Sdovolno strong pressure raising his hand in the direction of the ear.Then spuskaemsyavniz to the collarbone.Pressing a soft, not as strong.Perform this exercise 10-fold.Similarly, we make with the second half of the face.

This article provides some exercises napravlennyhna improve the shape of the face.However, there are other exercises that can be found vinternete.They smooth the forehead, chin clean, tighten eyelids andother.

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