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How to bring up a real lady?

Understand her rebellion.

you notice that adults are more critical of the bad deeds girls than boys to the same behavior?This is because, because they subconsciously focused on the fact that the girl will be more docile, quiet and modest.There is a false belief that is peculiar stubbornness boys in girls is nothing but a bad education.But kids of both sexes at the age of two years experience, the so-called period of rebellion.When your daughter starts to all your questions and suggestions stubbornly say "no" to run the other way after you will call it, or throw on the floor a favorite book, do not be angry, and do not rush to punish her.Do not try and resolve the situation with the help of shouting and increasing the number of prohibitions.Remember that the protest for the baby - the best way to express your individuality.You're in this situation you need to be consistent and to clearly define the boundaries of the permissible.The child needs to know in which cases you will never go to any concessi


not follow stereotypes.

not to introduce restrictive rules of behavior in a daughter just because she's a girl.Many parents are doing it unconsciously, succumbing to the stereotype that girls are more weak and delicate.This is why little ladies more often than gentlemen, hear phrases like: "Do not touch, or even cripple," "Do not run, and the fall", "Do not go there, it is dangerous."Such comments may cause the child to fear everything new and unknown, discourage interest in learning.Therefore, your task - to stimulate interest in the baby, noticing her opening praise for the slightest success.

Take care of comfort.

Girls senses are better developed than boys: they hear, smell, distinguish colors more sensitively and subtly.So little of the fair sex is worse tolerate such disadvantages, like a wet diaper if the noise outside the window.But your little princess certainly take great pleasure quiet pleasant music, recording the sounds of nature to your singing.Massage after a bath and gentle strokes before bedtime like her more than a boy.

careful with words.

In education this lady are not only the care and the care that you compass daughter, but also the words that you speak to her.They form a picture of the world, girls and define its place in it, open new horizons or conversely limit the perception of reality.Therefore, try not to say the following phrases: "Girls do not behave", "Girls do not have to."After all, to evaluate the behavior of the child should be without regard to gender.Say as many words of love.But remember that words alone are not enough.It should be our actions demonstrate the love of a daughter.

  1. pays my baby as much attention.
  2. From birth talk to her often wear on their hands, hug, kiss.
  3. sure to react to crying.Knowing that my mother would come to the rescue when the baby is bad gives security and confidence.
  4. not remain indifferent to its success.Do not skimp on the praise.
  5. listen to her opinion with respect to it.
  6. Bad behavior try to adjust gently - without yelling and spanking.

But this does not mean that if you have a son, then show love t must somehow different.All the kids are equally in need of maternal affection, tenderness and love.

offers a variety of toys.

Girls generally prefer dolls, because the female brain is programmed to care for children.But sometimes they are more interested in the game machines, railway, construction tools.There is nothing wrong.Thanks to these games baby tries himself in new roles, learns something new, receives an important and interesting experience.

does not evaluate too harshly.

Even in the most unpleasant situations, try to control yourself and never tell her daughter that she was incompetent, muddler or grubiyanka.Girls make an assessment of other very close to my heart.Especially if it comes from his beloved mother.The reaction to grave reproaches may have different systems in a more adult, that will poison the life of a young lady.Calmly explain how you must behave, and how to do more or less the situation.

Remember that your education is a solid platform of your relationship with her in the future.

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