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Raising a son in a martial spirit

But going into retirement and remain a widower, he often you come to visit.Defiantly do "look" to your household, make their verdicts - and again removed.You are my husband and I especially did not follow all the recommendations of the "Auditor" everything is always decided together amicably.

But everything changed
, when you have a baby.My grandfather was very happy, it's a boy."The heir to the name!Future advocate and support the family! "- He declared at a christening.He told you that you have to devote much time to raising her son in a martial spirit.And he began to take an active part of your life.Significantly helped with the money and connections.When the son grew up, began to walk in the garden, you have put before the fact that the education of his son in a martial spirit will be engaged grandfather.Husband suddenly backed toward his father, even though you had hoped that he would take your side.

Parenting son
started with the fact that many have constantly give him toy weapons and militar

y equipment, to play with him in all sorts of shooters - computer and "field", watch militants, insisting that he was engaged in a section of martial arts ...Son - the guy does not conflict and affectionate, but is easy to "plant" and not long afterwards comes out of this state.In this excited state, switch it to some quieter classes is difficult.Such training does not suit her son.If the child you are trying to dispute with her husband and in-law not to enter.But to put up with the education of his son in a martial spirit you also do not want to.You understand that the boy should be able to defend themselves, say, from bullies.But should not, he, in your opinion, so lightly to the suffering, death, violence.You immediately say that you are naive, you do not know the harsh cruelty of life, did not get in danger, and the boy will have an army!In short you have to convince them it is impossible.

Raising a son - is not easy.And it is very natural that the boy's dad gets more authority, not mom.But still it is not quite indisputable law.

child sees very
, what he wants from his mother and he will perfectly combine their "militancy" (from her father and grandfathers) with affection and kindness (of the mother).As a result, the child will grow up strong and courageous and not feeble and sentimental.So you need not be afraid of skills for themselves, and his absence!Another thing - in a dosage of "militancy" and its forms: it can be (if you consider it necessary) limit.For example, if you so afraid of, or are afraid, aggressive martial arts - to give the son of aikido.It is the most gentle and kindly type of protection.Son after a time you do not learn, it will grow strong and kind.

to psychologists
There comes a classic example of the substitution problem.In fact, concern not raise her son in a martial spirit and irresistible espansiya her father.Madden bezapelyatsionnnye judgment "Auditor", his comments and advice, and very frequent visits.The mother feels that her being pushed back and deny a legal right to make decisions in their own home.All this causes frustration and protest.Only revolt turns some frightened."It is impossible to persuade" - these words are not the mistress, and the little girl, desperately timid in front of adults.Especially bitter, that the wife can not be counted.He did not outlived their children's fear of the strict father.It turns out that the fight against "male education" son - this is the proportion of covert counter-law, on which you can decide in this case.This situation will persist as long as the boundaries of the family will not be clearly defined and established rules for house guests.