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How should vaccinate your child perseverance

Here and there ...

for a small child only a couple of minutes - an eternity.Children are trying to cover as much as possible, so all the "jump" from one class to another.Just toddler drew less than five minutes, he took up the pyramid, but it was never collected because on TV began to broadcast a cartoon that could not watch due to this need to meet my mother, who had returned from the store with what-That tasty.Over time, the child learns to selective perception and can arbitrarily to focus.Gradually, during the baby's focus will lengthen, and then, with the help of his parents, he will learn self-discipline and will be able to perform up to the end started.But it took a lot of effort and patience to shape a child's skills perseverance and the ability to long concentration.

Be careful.

How to instill in her fidget skills perseverance?First and foremost, parents should begin to develop a baby's attention.Many moms and dads need care already at 2-3-year-old children, while even in 5-6 year bonds

attention is involuntary nature.This means that the child is difficult to focus on demand.At this age children able to draw i just something bright and attractive.However, such an involuntary attention allows doshkolyatam 3-4 years up to school to shovel huge amounts of information, interested in everything and try anything.

At the same time, parents believe that the child has to play quietly in his corner without disturbing household.At the same time, we want to further a child successfully in school, of course, yourself.At this stage, adults must realize that the baby will grow diligent and disciplined only if early childhood mom and dad with him to work on the development of care.How to conduct a class?

offer little cheat sheet:

• Remember that kids love all the bright and interesting.Therefore, if you want to captivate a child performing any task, tell him about the most attractive moments of this activity.You can also tell the incredible story of a fairy-tale associated with an assignment or to make a class similar to the event.

• To sessions were productive, you need to create a peaceful and conducive atmosphere.So aside away toys and make sure that the TV was turned off.

• During classes to express their emotions, rejoice and be surprised with the baby.

And, of course, do not forget to praise your child for success.

• Keep in mind that we - one of the main tools to facilitate the formation of attention.So comment on whatever you're doing, and ask your child to verbalize their actions and to share with you some thoughts about what he was going to do.Thus, the child will learn to plan their actions.If the baby has not yet been obtained to build a plan to help him cope with this daunting task, ask: "What are you doing now?", "What will you do then?" "Look over there ..." "And yet you can do so here".

• If, despite all your efforts and tricks, beloved child and then spinning around in search 6olee exciting experience, do not try to curb his impulses commanding phrases like, "Calm down!", "Do not move!".It is better to have the child finish the begun business, "Look, you left quite a bit to finish", "Let's draw has flowered," etc.

To sessions were the joy of a child and bring the maximum benefit, parents should always remember that:

- 5-year-old child can focus on a single class of about 15 minutes, then it is necessary to change the type of activity;

- can not be required from a child to sit on the task more than he is capable of;

- impressionable, ill and handicapped children below the level of concentration, so they are often distracted.

Patience and hard work.

In the development of baby's attention, we also teach him patience, the ability to bring to an end the begun business and achieve goals.In the future, these skills will help your child cope with the curriculum and homework.There is no better and more interesting activities for a child than a game.Meanwhile, the game contributes to the development of attention, patience and perseverance.The game provides a voluntary behavior, that is, the child himself controls and, of course, it is all their own.At the same time, it requires certain rules and completing the business started.Thus, the child must be patient, otherwise it will not accept the game.

A proven and effective way to educate the patience and desire to achieve the desired results is labor.However, kids are usually happy to help on the farm his parents.However, mom and dad for some reason do not always approve of children's initiative.After all, he could wipe the floor with your favorite kitchen towel and after the grand dishwashing possible short of a cup or saucer.In such cases, parents often failed to splash out their anger assistant what to do in any case impossible.Otherwise, you are completely at his crumbs discourage any desire to help you.He'd wanted to do better!You should clearly understand and actively encourage children podsobit you desire.Sincerely praise baby for a job well done, and in a friendly manner to express their wishes, if the child that something did not happen, "Paul washed the special cloth and a towel to wipe ourselves," "When you wash the dishes, holding the object in his hand, orHe slips "," When you water the flowers, do not pour too much water "and so forth. So, if you want your child to grow up hardworking, never suppress his attempts to help you!

Also, take note of a few things:

• do not expect that the child himself begins to exercise patience.Responsibility for the formation of the quality of the baby lies on adults;

• Mom and Dad need to organize the activities of the child.Not odd at the same time would ask: "What are you going to do today, and then what?";

• strongly cheers, encourage and praise the child.Do not just ordinary words "clever" and "well done".It is better to select a child that he succeeded particularly well.And most importantly - to explain why he has been successful: "You tried to pursue its goals and was patient, so you will do it."If the baby is still not everything, calm him support.Explain to him that "in order to get it, it is sometimes necessary prodelyvat the same job several times.That's how we learn everything. "

Games on the development of attention.

Spot the Difference. Show your child two similar pattern and asked to find differences.

What's missing? Put before the child toy 3-7 (the amount depends on the age of toys kid), and then ask them to close their eyes and hide a toy.Then give a signal to open his eyes.He should say what toys are not enough.

Edible - inedible. you throw a baby ball, with call word.The child has to catch the ball only if you call something to eat, and if not - should give up.

Do as I do!Under rhythmic rhyme you perform simple movements (eg, nod, clap, stomp foot), and the child repeats after you.Then, suddenly you change your baby's movement.The child must orient and repeat for you the new movement.

three tasks. Kid getting in a comfortable position, then signal "One, two, three - stand still!" He should stand still and remain motionless.At this time, you call three jobs and after "One, two, three - run!" The kid goes on a quest.Moreover, it is necessary to perform tasks in the order in which you specify.Here is an example of tasks:

1. Give any pet.

2. Jump up three times.

3. Bring blue paper machine.

Games that require perseverance.

If you want to give your child activity that requires perseverance, ask them:

decorate. Take paint, draw or do any thing and ask the child to decorate it, without departing from the circuit.

Sculpt. sculpt in clay is very interesting and fun, especially with mom and dad.Try it!Will appeal to all!

collect puzzle or mosaic.

Arrange details mosaic of color.

Play with lacing.

pour beans or peas in a bottle with a narrow neck.

Decant water from the container with a wide neck in a container with a narrow neck.

can show imagination and come up with a variety of games that require thoroughness and perseverance.However, parents should not forget to offer kids and active games, so he can throw out all the accumulated energy per day.You also need to choose the right time to practice.If a child frisky mood, it is better to give him a run at this point.

Take your baby for what it is and do not put him in the example of neighboring Masha, Sasha, Glasha or someone else.Even half an hour they can collect puzzle, unlike your restless who hatches doing this for more than 10 minutes.In no case do not press on the child!If the child can only sit 10 minutes, then it does just as much.The main thing - continue to do!

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