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Adulthood: Tips for Women

pitch dark shades should be chosen with great care.Lipstick aubergine or crimson color is not suitable for everyone.When choosing eyeshadow in case of doubt refuse the bright colors, as well as the "pearl" effect.

for eyes, cheeks and lips preferable to take a gentle brownish-pink and clear cool shades.The shadows under the eyes can obscure the light camouflage creams.They should be 2-3 nuance lighter than the main tone.For tired eyes: eyeshadow reddish distribute under the external portions of their brow and blend outwards.These shades are perfect eyelashes, painted dark brown mascara.If you need to apply eye makeup simple, quite suitable to the type of cold or warm shades.Add a line on the upper eyelid caused black, green or blue outline with a pencil in conjunction with black, blue or brown mascara.The impression of stretched skin produces applied blush powder puff in the chin and at the beginning of the neck.After that, the edge of the transparent powder Shade powder.

very beneficial for the eyes

warm natural tones.Older women are especially the face.

Sometimes the whites of the eyes become yellowish.This can gloss over using white contour pencil for a century.Shimmering blue or purple eye shadow will make your eyes light up.

looks very natural touch-up shadows under the eyes when applied with a brush very thin layer covering the camouflage cream or agent.

If your face or hands had small brown spots, buy special products against them.Their active ingredients lighten spots.Brown spots are the result of disturbances in the metabolism.After the diet, regulating the liver, they often disappear.Covering creams and camouflage means are well hide the stains and make your skin beautiful and smooth.