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Smoky eye effect

2. Eyeliner

Effect Effect

In this case, it is better to apply eyeliner than liquid liner.The fact is, the pencil falls softer and easily shaded.And to get the effect of Smoky Eyes to avoid sharp lines.All transitions should be smooth.The line should be spend on the upper eyelid as close to the lash line.At the outer edge of the line should be thicker and gradually tapered off, as we approach the middle of the eye.It is not necessary to bring it to the inner corner.Then the makeup will not seem aggressive.Color pencil sure to choose the matching color shades.

Effect Effect

3. Liner lower eyelid

sure to bring the lower eyelid.This is one of the main conditions for getting a little blurry smoky effect.

You can use the same pencil that on the upper eyelid.But the line is carried out thinner and lighter tone to get a little bit lighter.

can use the shadows, having a neat line applicator or thin brush.To enhance the effect can be applied to both.First, draw a line in pencil, and then a little shade and sof

ten its shadows.

4. Imposition of a light base color

Another condition for successful makeup Smoky Eyes - a combination of light and dark shades.Moreover, the contrast must be significant.We need a gradual but well-marked transition.For this great choice cream shade, but you can achieve the desired effect and dry using shadows.Apply a light, shimmery shadow on the surface of the upper eyelid crease to brow.

Effect Effect
Effect Effect

5. Imposition main dark

Tanned need to be applied to the movable upper eyelid.Iefrom the lash line to the crease.The color shades should be in color tone or slightly darker eyeliner.They need to be well-shade on the edge of the century, to eyeliner virtually disappeared.The eye remains selected, but a clear line on the edge should not be visible.

Effect Effect

fold of the upper eyelid - is the border, which should end with the dark shadows.But here you need to look individually.Depending on the structure of the eye, the boundary can be raised a little higher.

6. The final stage

final touch - several layers of mascara gives volume.


- remember that the color of the lips must be either natural or even lighter.SinceSmoky Eyes makeup makes her eyes very bright, lips need to "erase".Suitable lightweight, semi-gloss or lipstick.Ideal colors: beige, light pink, flesh-colored.In general, take note: should be allocated one thing.Either eyes or lips.Otherwise makeup is vulgar.

- to make make less strict, you can use colored mascara.Well, when it coincides with the color of the eyes.This will give the depth of view and a bit of irony.

- liner is not necessary to use a pencil.You can take a damp patch or a fine brush, dip it into the dark shadows and draw the line.You can do it and dry shadows.In this case, the liner is much easier to be shaded.Whichever option you choose, eyeliner is necessary!

- certainly Smoky Eyes in black or gray version - a classic.Still, this season will be more relevant to the make-up of purple and golden-brown.

TOP 10 Smoky Eye celebrities:

1. Jennifer Lopez
2. Charlize Theron Penelope Cruz
4. Angelina Jolie
5. Cameron Diaz
6. Gisele Bundchen
7. Keira Knightley
8. SarahJessica Parker
9. Scarlett Johansson
10. Kate Moss

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