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12 recommendations how to make a professional make-up

4. Powder should always be a little lighter tone means.Apply on face powder puff flat and do some gentle pats fingertips.

5. Brushes for the application of powder - wide and fluffy.They are very convenient for removing excess powder.The best option - a shaving brush.

6. Eyeshadow imposed by a fan - not a bad idea for the evening makeup.Bright tone applied to the inner corner of the eye, the middle - the middle of the century, the dark - to the outer corner.

7. Mascara is and transparent.She not only decorates eyelashes, but is night care products.

8. brown eyes circled in purple outline, seem deeper.

9. blue eyes circled in light blue outline, brighter highlighted.

10. Eyeshadow pink color should be separated from the lashes darker, or eyes look tearful.

11. Leaflets with powder covering the face a velvety matte layer, used to remove greasy luster of the skin.

12. masking pencil help hide pimples, dilated capillaries and pigmented birthmarks.Even traces of burns!

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