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What are the pictures on nails?

Manicure consists of several species.There is a view of the American manicure, he applied to the long nails with a rounded form.And it has its own lush and vibrant colors.

second type is known as a manicure, Spanish.For this use manicure color or clear lacquers which are applied a plurality of layers.

Just never go out of style kind of French manicure.It is ideal for a holiday or celebration.

But special attention deserve the drawings on the nails.Let us see what are the kinds of drawings on the sub.

1. Artistic pattern.This technology in the nail design is more common.Its execution is very simple and versatile.Figure applied over already painted nails with the help of water and acrylic paints.With the help of the art of painting on nails, you can display any image.Under a layer of clear lacquer can be applied to flowers, small insects can also add glitter, lace.With the help of the art of painting will not bring you any inconvenience protruding decor items.

2. Volume nail design.This design is suit
able for gala evenings.But every day you will be with him is not convenient.You can catch clothing, torn stockings, as the elements of the design stick out.Surround Design creates acrylic powder and gel.You can sculpt different figures and patterns, whatever you wish.

3. Aquarium picture.This nail design may be done only on artificial nails.Aquarium design is different from the art of painting and three-dimensional design that it can be applied on accrued nails, and the natural.The only drawback is noticeable thickening.When you look at the pattern applied, the impression that the image is behind glass like in an aquarium.Pros aquarium figure lies in the fact that if you get tired of the image, you can simply paint over varnish.After removing the varnish, you will see that the image is preserved aquarium.

Now knowing what are the drawings on the nails, you can choose the design that you like best.

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