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Caring for potted flowers: cycad

representatives are evergreen, with a thick trunk and short (about three meters, but sometimes reaches up to ten), it happens that forked.Barrel lukovitsevidny in underground and surface portion thereof;Also trunk has a thick crust with a wide core, which contains a lot of starch, it is covered with scales, and the remnants of leaf petioles.The leaves of the plant up to three meters long, pinnate (sometimes dvoyakoperistye) that appear each year at the top.Young leaves after the appearance of curved and hairy, but later to straighten out and become "naked";leaves or linear or lineynolantsetnye, leathery and entire;and leaves have a sharp top and bottom leaves turn into thorns.The sheet has a mean-streaked, but without the side.

These plants are dioecious.Cones containing male and female spores (megasporophylls and microstrobili) are at the top or near it.Growing bumps on one or in groups.

As already mentioned, the core (and also in the seeds) a large percentage of the starch content (about 45%) of a c

ook sago, which is an important product for the inhabitants.That is why these plants are sometimes called "sago palm".The plant is poisonous, but the locals specially prepared it, and it becomes harmless.

cycad most resembles its appearance palm tree.That is why, at the time, a Swedish botanist, was misled and therefore called his word, which translated from Latin means "palm" and placed it at among the palm trees.

If Florist just beginning to get acquainted with the world of plants, it is best not to start it with Cycas as care for potted flowers cycad complicated and requires strict compliance with the conditions.

Flower Care

Preference cycad gives a bright but diffused light, with little sunlight.It is preferable for a western or eastern side, but carries and north.If, however, the plant stands on the south side, it should be in the summer pritenyat from the sun.In summer the plant can be kept outdoors, but must be protected from the hot sun, and to the "new place" plant should be taught, gradually increasing the amount of time he spends in the hot summer sun.

temperature regime is an important condition for the content.In spring and summer warm preferable content, 20-26 ° C, and in the autumn and winter for various types of cycads its temperature.To unbend cycads is 10-12 ° C, for curled 16-18 ° C. If winter does not provide the cool, the plant can dump the leaves.

watering from spring until autumn mild, it is necessary to dry the top layer to a depth of two to four centimeters, while avoiding overdrying.In winter, watering is required more often.Water for irrigation should be at room temperature and is well defended.

Preference cycad gives moist air, so it is desirable to regularly sprayed with water at room temperature.It would be nice to put a plant in the pan with a wet expanded clay (or peat).When caring for potted flowers cycad they can bathe in the shower, avoiding the entry of water into the pot.

Feeding held from spring to fall once every two weeks, suitable fertilizer for palms.The rest period should not be feeding more frequently than once a month.And to remember that the well is cut in half and the concentration of fertilizer.It is also desirable that the fertilizer does not contain potassium and magnesium salts.

Transplant young cycad should be annually, and adult enough to replace the top layer of the earth.Although the plant can be transplanted in case it was not enough space in the pot.Mix for cycads "Palm": turf, ground sheet, peat, humus and sand.The ratio of the mixture as follows: two pieces of grain land, ground sheet, peat, humus and sand - one part.The best time for grafting - spring when the plant begins a new growth.During a transplant is necessary to ensure good drainage.At the same time, the pot is better not to choose a deep and wide, it should be a little too small, to not get sick from the cycad zakisaniya nutrient layer.

Cycas can be propagated by seed or shoots.Shoots at cycads bulbous and they develop on the trunk of a mature plant.First is the development of an air bulb, in fact, that is the axillary buds.After this escape appears krona, and sometimes even gives adventitious roots.

Branching growers produce artificially, causing mechanical damage.Thus, they try to get a dwarf form with a few crowns, or want to get a large amount of planting material.

After separation of escape, the cut must be sprinkled with charcoal and dry for one to two days.The shoots are planted in a mixture of peat and leaf ground with the addition of sand and granite chips.Until the roots, the plant should be watered sparingly.

germination seeds saved for a long time, about two or three years and germinate within a half to two months after they were put.

difficulties in growing

Direct sunlight cycad loves, but a long stay may get burned, so for them it is necessary to accustom gradually.

If the plant is watered excessively, it quickly rots.This is characteristic of cycads.

High temperatures and dry air in the winter flowers cycad tolerated bad, so it is often in such circumstances it can begin to drop leaves.

Damage can get from scale insects, thrips and spider mites.