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Palma bedroom Rapis

Rapis was brought to Europe over two hundred years ago.The scientific name of botanically derived from the Greek word meaning in translation - cane stick.Hence the name in everyday life - "hlystovidnaya" palm.The stems are used in industry: made canes and umbrellas, which was the cause of England names for this plant as "Palma for the ladies."When the content in favorable conditions, Rapis will delight you with flowers in white or ivory.

Rapis views are decorative and are often used in interior design.Keep in mind that it is desirable that the rooms were spacious and cool, although grown in housing conditions is also possible.Reproduction Rapis wide enough to form a large number of new roots so that the roots form a group of the plurality of shafts, which makes it even more attractive plant.


Rapis High (synonym: Rapis veeroborazny) hamerops tall trahikarpus highest. grows in subtropical forests of China and Japan.Bushy, up to three meters in height.Minorities and trunks have a diameter of a

bout 3-4 cm and covered with remnants of petioles.The leaves have a fan shape, with a deep cut on 4/6 of its length.The length of 25-30 centimeters, and the width of two or three (and sometimes up to five) centimeters.In confined spaces, this plant does not bloom virtually.

Rapis low. occurs in subtropical forests of southern China.Represent stunted bushy plants 1- 1.5 meters tall.Stalks are kamyshevidnuyu shape, 1-2 cm in diameter, with a fibrous surface.The leaves have a fan and a cut almost to the base in the 7- 8 stakes have little long - 20 to 25 cm., Hard to the touch, but the glossy look and pointed at the top.It has a thin and short petiole - about 25 to 30 cm., With the fibers.The inflorescence is axillary and branched, but rarely blooms.

care of plants.

Palma bedroom Rapis responds positively to the bright light, t. E., It shifts to direct sunlight, but it can grow in partial shade.But it is worth noting that after a long cloudy weather or recently bought a plant to the sun taught by exposing it to light gradually.The best position for Rapis - a window on the west or east side, but can grow on the north side.In summer, when the plant is still on the south side, you should avoid direct sunlight, or burns can not be avoided.For uniformity of growth from time to time the plant should be turning to light the different parties.

optimal summer temperature of about 20-22 ° C. Therefore in the very hot summer days it is desirable to ventilate the room.In winter, the palm Rapis unpretentious and can carry and the temperature at 8 ° C or 10-12 ° C. Although it should be noted that the best temperature conditions for this plant is still in the winter - from 10 ° C to 16 ° C

summerRapis should be watered regularly and abundantly when the top layer of the substrate dries.In autumn and winter watering sparingly and in a cool place - careful with the ground does not dry.Water should be soft and well-defended.Thus, we can not allow excess water, but dangerous and peresushka.

Unlike most trees, Rapis good tolerate the dry air of urban areas.However, spray the leaves with warm water creamed not hurt.In winter, it should not do.

Feed up Rapis spring and summer, one every 2-4 weeks.Usually, a complex mineral fertilizer.In winter, the plant does not require fertilizing.

Rapis Transplanted rarely, and only when necessary.Transplanting is best to replace, for example, trans-shipment.Adult plant can not be transplanted, and does not pass enough once a year to remove the top layer of nutrient medium, replacing it with a new one.The substrate thus should have a neutral or slightly acid reaction.The mixture for the plants produced from the following types of land: turf, peat compost and adding sand in a ratio of 2: 2: 2: 1.The mixture can also be bought at the store ready-made and designed especially for the trees.The pot must have sufficient width and can thus be shallow, due to the fact that the roots are placed Rapis shallow and near the surface.Do not forget about good drainage at the bottom of the pot, it is a prerequisite, since the plant is very sensitive to acidification of the soil.

Rapis - palm, which successfully propagated by dividing rhizomes, which sets it apart from many other types of trees.You can do the transplant.Germination occurs within two to three months.

Possible difficulties.

If the plant is in a room where the air is very dry, the tips of the leaves become dry.If the plant receives abundant light, in the form of direct sunlight, then the leaves have yellow spots.If the plant receives excess moisture vice versa, as well as damage to the roots, young leaves tend to earlier disclosure.

If the plant is not sufficiently watered, the leaves fall down, and in low temperature darken and fade.

damages palm mite, this room, if the room is too warm and dry and scale insects.

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