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Types of peppermint, its cultivation and use in medicine


Types of mint is a great variety.However, peppermint - one of the most common.Homeland peppermint uncertain.It refers to the ancient cultures, it is found in nature and in Asia, and in Europe.Her as a medicinal plant use and pryanovkusovogo ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks.Dried or fresh flowers and peppermint leaves are used as a seasoning for soups, vinaigrettes, salads, cheeses, vegetables, meat and fish dishes.Leaves and peppermint essential oil used for flavoring fruit toppings, cold drinks, tea blends, sauces, jellies.Mint flavored confectionery and bread kvass.Widely used peppermint flavoring in fish and the tobacco industry.The essential oil of peppermint added in toothpastes, soaps, beverages, sweets.

main component of peppermint oil is menthol.It is widely used in medicine for neurological diseases as a painkiller.And in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - as an antiseptic.Additionally, menthol dilates coronary vessels of the heart.Tea made from mint leaves in traditional

medicine is used in nervous excitement, and infusion with the inflammation of the gums - a mouthwash.Peppermint is a part validol, korvalola, valokordin and other drugs.Peppermint leaves contain volatile, ascorbic acid, tannins, vitamin E, carotene.

Growing mint list. Peppermint is a hybrid of water mint and Koloskova.Homeland of this hybrid is considered England, where she was first introduced to the culture.Confirmation of hybrid origin is the fact that its flowers are almost sterile.If the seeds are obtained, they give the plants do not like the parent.Therefore, this kind of mint vegetatively propagated.To do this, take pieces of rhizomes creeping rooted shoots and sprouts.Start early spring planting when the soil is still saturated with moisture.The method of planting shirokorjadnyj with the distance between rows 50-60 cm between plants in a row - 10-20 cm. Planting depth 8 - 10 cm. Contribute fertilizers.During the growing season spend two feeding - 5-8 g / m2 ammonium nitrate, 5-6 g / m2 potassium salt and 15 g / m2 of superphosphate.

At one place can grow mint 5-6 years.Care is loosening soil, weeding, fertilization, watering in dry weather.Clean peppermint during the growing season 1-2 times at the beginning of flowering.Cut off from the ground.First, it provyalivayut on the site, and then dried in the shade.Mint stored dry in paper bags at 10 ° - 15 °.

Mentha longifolia

longifolia mint - a perennial plant up to 120 cm. Used as a spice stems and leaves in the stage of the growing season.During flowering Mentha longifolia glad loses its beneficial properties.In folk medicine, this kind of mint is used as an analgesic, antiseptic, sedative, antispasmodic, improve digestion, sudorific.It is used for colds Mentha longifolia for expectoration, jaundice, dropsy, a series of gastric diseases.Mint infusion is used for lotions and rinse with earache, toothache, sore throat, sores in the mouth, with abscesses.Bathe children in mint broth with rickets and scrofula.

Thanks to the essential oils of mint longifolia used in cosmetics.Use for flavoring toothpaste and soap.The leaves of this species of mint different high content of vitamin C. Mentha longifolia - a good honey plant.It is also an ornamental plant, often used for landscaping wet areas flower beds.

Growing mint longifolia. plant is easily cultivated in light, moist and fertile soil.Propagated by seeds sown before winter, and segments of rhizomes.Flowers in July - August.Seeds ripen in late August - September.The leaves are harvested before the flower buds, because at the time of flowering in plants decreases the amount of essential oils.Dried mint at low temperature in the shade.Store in a dry place, in sealed cardboard boxes.


spearmint grows up to one meter.Distributed and used almost as often as peppermint.Add a few leaves of spearmint in a blend of spices ennobles, makes them smell and taste.Propagated spearmint spring by planting root cuttings.This type of mint apparently hybrid origin.If spearmint bred from seeds obtained only about 1/3 of this plant spearmint 1/3 polukurchavoy and the same brand gladkolistovoy Koloskova mint.It should be considered when growing spearmint.

When planting root cuttings in May spearmint bloom in the same year.At this time to ripen seeds.Spring growth years of peppermint begins in early April.Spearmint blossoms in late June.Long flowering period and lasts until the end of September.Seeds ripen in October.Winters spearmint well.

Mint Royle

This perennial herb is different gentle aroma.Much stronger and more pleasant than the other kinds of mint.Well propagated by seeds mint Royle.They planted just before the frost directly into the ground.In May next year, there are already sprouting.Only a few instances of mint Royle bloom the first year, but they do not give seeds.Mass flowering begins in the second year.Plants bloom in July.Flowering lasts for about 53 days.Overwinters well.

As you can see, in the nature of many kinds of mint, their growing and diverse medical applications.

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