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Houseplant murayya


Murayya exotic (lat. Murraya exotica L.), or M. paniculata (lat. Murraya paniculata (L.) Jack).Homeland of the plant are Sumatra, Java, the Philippines, Indochina, Malacca and India.Murayya exotic - a densely branched tree up to 4 m. However, in the indoor environment is an evergreen shrub (30-50 cm in height), or bushy tree (about 1.5 m).The bark is gray or yellowish-white color.The branches are quite thin, at a young age are covered with fine hairs.Stems are fragile, so plant needs support.Leaves unpaired-pinnate-compound, alternately arranged.Leaflets (3-5 pieces) broadly have solid edge.Due to the fact that very large (3-5 cm length) is located on top of the leaf and the smallest (1 cm) - from below, crown tree looks aerial and openwork.

often paired leaves are shifted relative to each other.The leaves are dark green, glossy, have a lemon scent when crushed, are therefore used as a spice in cooking.The flowers are funnel-shaped, up to 1.8 cm long, are collected in inflorescence

plate located at the top, have the scent of jasmine.Red fruits are edible, round or oval, 2-3 cm in diameter.

care rules.

Lighting. Houseplant murayya loves bright ambient light.Grow it should be near the eastern or western window.At the northern window plant may not be enough light, because of what the bloom will be weak.At the southern windows for murayi to do pritenenie using translucent fabric, gauze or tulle.In summer the plant should make the open air, leaving it in a shaded place.

After the winter, when sunny days there was little need to gradually accustom murayyu to more intense sunlight in the spring, after increases and the duration of daylight.

temperature. In the warm season for murayi optimum temperature is 20-25 ° C.Since autumn preferably slightly lower temperatures the plants.In winter it is recommended to keep it in the range of 16-18 ° C.

watering. Murayya - a plant that loves much water, especially from spring to fall.During the autumn-winter watering should be reduced to moderate.In no case do not let overdrying of soil, as because it does not perish minuemo root system.Watering should be defended soft water.

humidity. plant capriciously to the humidity, prefers high humidity.Mandatory rules murayey care is the daily spraying.Once a week is recommended to wash the leaves with warm water or put the plant under a warm shower.Sometimes a pot with a little tree placed in a tray filled with moist peat or expanded clay.

feeding.To feed murayyu need every 2 weeks, starting from spring until autumn.

For this purpose organic fertilizer and complete fertilizer, changing them in turn.

plant murayya normally carries cutting, forming the crown.

transplant. Young plants are transplanted each year is recommended, adults - at least once in 2-3 years.For transplants need to use loose nutrient substrate.Its composition for young plants is: turf, leaf, humus soil and sand in the ratio 1: 1: 0.5: 1. transplanting adult murayi recommended to use a substrate with a higher proportion of leaf.It is at the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage.

reproduction. propagated vegetatively is a houseplant (cuttings), and seeds.

Seeds are sown at any time of the year, their germination rate is high.

for vegetative propagation using cuttings apical.They should be planted in spring and razvodochnye containers contain at elevated temperatures (26-30 ° C).Cuttings with roots formed transplanted into 7-cm pots.For transplant using a substrate of the following composition: ground sheet - 1h., Humus - 0.5 h., Turf - 1h.and sand - 1h.

care difficulties. If the leaves begin to wither murayi in the center and on the edge, it means that the plant got a sunburn.If the tips are dry leaves or stalks fall off, the plant is contained in very dry air.

Pests: Jose scale, spider mites, whiteflies.

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