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What plants grow favorably at home?

Plants living

living room (or room) - the largest room in the house.Therefore, they are suitable for large plants.For example, Ficus, Dracaena fragrans, palm or dieffenbachia perfectly fit into the interior spacious living room.These plants do not get lost in the space and visually divide it into different zones.Also in the living room is favorable to grow strong-smelling plants.Their smell will please you and your guests, but at the same time will not irritate during sleep.

will be interesting to watch if the plants in the living room will be a dedicated area.Place the pots with plants near each other.Flowering plants usually placed at the forefront.Plants with larger leaves are placed on the back burner.It turns a beautiful little garden, if the plants in pots placed in a container fell asleep land intervals between them.If your living room is not very big place various flora on the windowsills, hung along the walls, on the shelves, alternating blooming and green plants.

Plants Children

Not every houseplant can be kept in the nursery.Favored to grow geraniums in the nursery, abutilon (room maple), citrus fruits, various types of violets.Ionizes the air and has a good effect on the nervous system geraniums.His unusual surprises abutilon (room maple), as kids love to admire them.Citrus soothe irritation and great tone.Children will be interesting to see how the blooms and bears fruit plant.Develop aesthetic sense various kinds of violets.

If you decide to plant trees and shrubs nursery, first of all think about what flowers have a positive impact on the mental state of your child.If your child has allergies, consult your doctor before you start flowering plants.If you child is still small, you should take care of its security.Find out what houseplants are poisonous.For example, in any case can not be grown in the nursery dieffenbachia.To the child does not knocked over a pot of flowers or injured on the thorns, the flowers should be placed above the child could not reach them.

Plants bedroom

When selecting plants for the bedroom, it should abandon fragrant and colorful flowers.They can irritate the senses and prevent relaxation.Prefer colors that have a calming effect on your body.Perfect plants such as lavender or pelargonium.They have a beneficial effect on your nervous system and exude a subtle delicate flavor.It is undesirable to have a cactus in the bedroom, as their presence causes a feeling of tension.Kriptanus and fittaniya, as well as primrose and begonias will look great on the chest and nightstand.

Plants hallway

The choice of plants for the hall is limited.There are few plants, favorable growing in one of the dark places of your home.Tsissus aspidistra and most suitable plant for this place.In addition, they are the most resistant to drafts.If the light in your hallway quite small, it is possible to arrange in your hallway composition of dried flowers.Dried require no maintenance and are retained longer in places where there is little light.

Plants Kitchen

Kitchen ideal ornamental fruit trees.Such as tangerines and lemons.They need regular watering and like light.In a cool place, it is desirable to carry citrus fruits in winter.Fumes and soot, sudden changes in temperature and drafts are not many plants can tolerate.The most suitable climate for food plants such as ivy, geranium, acalypha, sansevera, Chlorophytum, aspidistra.However, once every two - three days should be removed from them precipitated dirt by wiping with a damp cloth.Grow in the kitchen herbs - lemon balm, dill, cilantro, basil and other species.You are always on hand to fresh greens.Besides spice plants smell good and look beautiful.

few tips

If your interior design should take into account that your plants do not need all the attention to attract.They should be a nice addition to your interior.Do not abuse their number.Not all plants like when they transpose from one place to another, they can get sick.Keep in mind the impact on your emotional background have certain flowering plants.For example, the disclosure of creativity have purple colors, soothing blue and white buds.And such colors as red, orange and yellow - reinforce our excitement.It is important that the flower to feel comfortable in its own place.What would be beneficial to grow the plant at home you choose, you should not buy it just because you liked it.Keep in mind that your plants should be easily absorbed into the interior.Do not turn an apartment in the jungle!

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