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How to grow a lemon tree from a stone

lemons multiply mainly by cuttings.To a tree grown from seeds need to work hard.From the usual lemon seeds can grow normal tree that keep the house very difficult.And in order to prepare it to fruit, it is necessary to vaccinate.The procedure itself is very difficult to do.But if you are determined to go to the goal, then nothing is impossible!
From the nicest indoor varieties are "Novogruzinsky", "Meyer", "Pavlovsky."Low-growing varieties "Dzhinoa" Eureka. ""Maikop" sort of the most fruitful.For hybrid varieties are "Meier", "Ponderosa".They soon begin to bear fruit, abundant color (which must be adjusted with the unopened bud break).

So, where do you want to start?How to grow a lemon tree from a stone?Grown from the seeds of lemon tree has a more developed root system than grown from cuttings.Keep in mind that lemon tree from seeds will bear fruit after 7-10 years.Seeds need to take a matured fruit of lemon.It is important to ensure that from the time of extraction from the fruit of the soil and pl

anting it should not dry out.To avoid this, it is necessary immediately to put the seeds in water.

Before planting, prepare the necessary capacity and soil.For planting lemon seeds should take a clay pot with a diameter of 10 centimeters.Bottom drainage layer to fill it, then sand and humus.
Planting, Seed plunge into the soil to a depth of 2-3 cm, sprinkle with water and cover the pot glass jar.After planting the germ appears within a month.Watering should be needed.Rostock has to be in a warm place at a temperature of 20-25S.

After the germ, it must arrange for proper care.It was at this time the growth is slowing down, the leaves begin to wither and the plant may die.To improve the growth of the summer it can be planted in a greenhouse street.There should be a warm, humid and sunny.Lemon tree is afraid of drafts and dry soil.Also, do not put the pot near a heating duct.By placing the tree in one place, try not to bother him anymore.Lemons can not stand to be touched, moved.Therefore, it must be careful to turn 10 degrees every 10 days.Do not turn the lemon tree in the active period of flowering and fruiting.In winter, the temperature for the plant - 4-8 S.

In order to provide the necessary humidity, you can put next to him a bowl of water.Watering must be abundant in the summer of lemon, twice in two weeks.In winter, try to land was not dry.Avoid stagnation of water in a pot.If you have to use for watering ordinary tap water, the need to defend it at least a day in the sun in a pot with a wide neck.It is important to spray the leaves daily.

Before the age of five plant growth is very active.Transplanting is carried out once a year.Pot some increase in size.The maximum diameter of the pot at the lemon tree is about 40 centimeters.After five years, the plant is transplanted once every 2-3 years.In no case can not be transplanted during the flowering and fruiting.For the successful growth of plants suitable neutral Soils.If you are transplanted into plastic pot, then place it on 2-3 hours before landing a lemon into the water.

Feed the tree is necessary every 10 days during the summer.Once a month during the winter.For this organic approach, combined and fertilizers.In stores you can find special fertilizer for citrus.Prune crown must February, leaving five or six kidneys.When fully grown shoots of the first order, cut off the top.The emergence of shoots fourth order says that the tree is fully formed.

Lemon tree - a finicky plant, which will require a lot of effort, care and attention, but then it will return to you with interest.Adult plant not only pleases the eye, but also gives your home a subtle, wonderful flavor!