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Plant Kalanchoe: medicinal properties

The most common Kalanchoe

has about 200 species of Kalanchoe views.Under natural conditions it grows in Australia, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, although the island of Madagascar is home to the plant.Kalanchoe belongs to the family Crassulaceae.His views have fleshy succulent leaves and stems.Basically three types of plants found in our homes.This Kalanchoe Daygremonta (or Degremon), feathery and Blosfeldo.Kalanchoe Daygremonta and porosity are medicinal.

Kalanchoe Daygremonta has grayish-green leaves with purple spots underneath.Sometimes it leaves folded along veins and have a length of about 20 centimeters.The main feature of this species is a live birth.Children, equipped with an anchor formed from kidney, which in turn, are formed in the recesses between the teeth of the leaves.When they fall, it is very well rooted in the soil.Sometimes this plant is called "viviparus."Kalanchoe of this kind not only cure many diseases, but blooms profusely, though very rarely.

porous Kalanchoe - a bluish-green perennial with large, erect, fleshy stems.The height of the stem reaches 50 to 100 centimeters.This plant has succulent leaves on a short handle.

Medicinal properties of Kalanchoe

on active biological substances depends on the biochemical composition of any plant.And from there, in turn, depend on the therapeutic properties of any plant.Kalanchoe is very rich in nutrients.Its leaves contain a lot of tannins, vitamins C and E, which are interconnected, because vitamin P keeps the body's vitamin C.

Kalanchoe is used to treat many diseases.It is one of the most effective means for the treatment of viral, fungal and even inflammatory diseases.With the success of the treatment received in erysipelas, trophic ulcers, bedsores, various wounds, even purulent.It is also used in the treatment of sinusitis, periodontal disease, tonsillitis, stomatitis, gynecological diseases.Kalanchoe juice successfully treat skin rashes, boils, eczema.He also treats conjunctivitis, corneal erosion, burns, injuries.

organic substances of protein origin - enzymes found in large numbers in the leaves of Kalanchoe.It increases our immunity enzymes found in the juice of this plant.Enzymes accelerate and stimulate biochemical processes in the body, improving metabolism.

The leaves of Kalanchoe also contains a lot of aluminum, copper, manganese, calcium and iron.All of these substances are very important for our body.Iron is part of hemoglobin and facilitates occurring in cells chemical transformation.Redox processes will manganese.Calcium is involved in blood coagulation and helps in the formation of bone tissue.Copper helps produce adrenaline in our body.It helps the heart muscle magnesium.Antifouling and exerts a bactericidal effect on our intestines, have a choleretic effect contained in Kalanchoe, organic acids.

Application Kalanchoe

the treatment of diseases such as varicose veins, you can prepare an alcohol tincture.It is necessary to fill the crushed leaves of Kalanchoe 0.5-liter jar.Pour the vodka leaves to the neck.For seven days let stand in a dark place, stirring occasionally contents.When present, tincture, it must drain through cheesecloth or a fine calico.Within 2-3 months before bedtime then polish feet from the foot and above.

When stomatitis, gingivitis and periodontitis can help, cotton swabs soaked in the juice of Kalanchoe.They should be applied to the affected area for 15-20 minutes three times a day.

If a stuffy nose, as well as a flu epidemic, for prevention, need to instill 2 drops in each nostril twice a day, diluted with water the juice of Kalanchoe.Plant Breeding 3 drops of 1 drop of water.

psariaz If you are concerned, you can prepare a mixture, which lubricate sore spots.In a small container, dark glass, put 10 ml of honey, eucalyptus oil - 30 ml, 10 ml Kalanchoe juice.Let it brew for 3 days and can be used.

If non-healing wounds, burns, tropical ulcers, apply a bandage to the sore spot, pre-moistened with the juice of Kalanchoe.

leaves of our plants are used for preparation of various medicines.It is the juice from the leaves of Kalanchoe is its main therapeutic properties.The plant itself is not watered for a week, then cut the leaves.In 5-7 days they are placed in the refrigerator, put in a plastic bag.In the struggle for life, in plant cells, which occurs at the time when the plant is in a cool place, and having special substances accumulate.These substances stimulate the vital functions of cells.These are substances necessary for our body and unfavorable conditions for plants enhance their education.

As you can see, the plant Kalanchoe medicinal properties very much.Therefore, it is still one of the most popular houseplants.If you do not have this wonderful plant, we advise them to be sure to get.