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Cannes - Flowers: agricultural machinery, wintering

What sort of Cannes best

Grades Cannes very much.One characteristic of the beautiful ornamental leaves, others - unusual color of flowers.But all of these plants can be divided into groups according to height: high (1.5 m), medium (1 m) and low (50 - 60 cm).The most good grades, suitable for breeding in the middle band, considered the Witch Fire, America, Valentina Tereshkova, Sun beauty Fire Bird and others.High grade Cannes planted only on the street.Since these plants reach a height of 1.5 m, have much larger flowers and broad leaves.And, therefore, they need a lot of space and nutrients.These include varieties of Cannes Fire Wizard, Koenig Humbert, America, President, Fire Bird.

varieties of medium height and preferably planted on beds, in flower beds.Since they can grow to 1 m, with a large number of flowers and leaves.Among them are proven varieties Valentina Tereshkova, Gourmet Titov, Sun beauty.

But low Cannes are ideal for small flower beds, borders or focal planting, and to decorate the

various rooms.Home especially good for growing the variety "Vostok-2".It grows at 40 - 50 cm, can give up to 23 flowers a diameter of 9 cm, and has a lot of green leaves.

Regardless of variety, canna flowers are perennial herbaceous plants with horizontal, branched, thickened rhizomes.Which are located at a depth of 5 - 15 cm and develop powerful appendages.The stems of these plants are upright, not branched formed leaves.And they are, depending on the variety, can grow up to 25 - 80 cm, usually large, tapered to the top.But the most valuable thing in the leaves - paint, which can be just one color with different shades from green to dark brown or striped.Flowers and plants surprising variety of colors and size, unique structure.Diversity of color is no limit!Flowers may be monochromatic, such as pink.Or with shades - fiery red, pale orange and so on.Or with different pigmentation, fringed, dots, dashes.Only one drawback is at Cannes, they have no smell.But this is easily compensated by their beauty and attractiveness.

Unpretentiousness colors

Along with these qualities Cannes has a rare resistance to pests and diseases.Only with a strong wetting of the soil they may be affected by the rust fungus, which "leaves" rusty spots on the leaves.Or gray mold - Botrytis fungus, which is why blacken and begin to rot blossoms.Occasionally, these plants can affect the virus pestrolepestnosti from which the leaves appear black spots.And heavily infested Cannes - twisted and reduced in size flowers.Treat diseases very easily - enough to break the infected areas.

Farming growing flowers Cannes

In vivo Cannes grow in warm countries such as America subtropical or tropical Africa.Therefore, agricultural machinery should be appropriate.This should be remembered, attaching them to our own, the middle lane.This applies mainly to the landing site.It should be bright, well-lit place (plants able to tolerate direct sunlight), protected from winds and draft-free.Planted Cannes deeply treated, very loose and fertile soil to a depth of 5 - 10 cm, after freezing and will establish a stable warm weather.The soil should consist of equal parts of peat, leaf soil, humus and coarse sand.At a distance of 50 - 75 cm rhizomes are planted plants.Before the appearance of the first shoots, Cannes watered sparingly.But during the flowering period they need to ensure abundant watering and frequent, 1 - 2 times a week, feeding liquid complex fertilizers.Often loosen the soil and, if necessary, to make weeding.In the fall of watering and fertilizing plants is gradually decreasing.And with the onset of freezing them high spud, not to podmerzli root collar - or during the "hibernation" the plant may rot.

Wintering Cannes

Wintering in Cannes is quite simple.In winter, the plants are dug, 1 - 2 days dry.Then pluck wilted leaves and roots, rhizomes remaining closed moist peat.Capacity is placed in a dry room at a temperature not below 5 degrees.During this period, no watering is done!

Care Cannes in ambient conditions are not much different from if they grow up in the open field.A similar watering, dressing and so forth.Only increased their growing season, they can bloom for a long time after the onset of cold weather.And if watered moderately soft supernatant water and provide light, that is, use additional lighting, canna keep green all winter.However, the plants still worth to rest for at least 2 months.To do this, you need to gradually reduce watering and eventually stop altogether.Trim the leaves 10 - 15 cm from the ground and move the pots to a cooler location.So they have to stand until the spring.

happens that the only place to store winter Cannes is an apartment.In this case, the rhizomes can be stored in a large plastic bucket, fill to the brim with dry earth.Until the temperature in the balcony or loggia not drop to 5 ° C, they can be stored there.Then they are entered into the apartment and put on the cold floor near the balcony door.Total winter need only a few times to moisten the top layer of earth in a bucket of water.

Reproduction Cannes

flower growers wishing to have as much of Cannes, you need to learn the agricultural techniques of reproduction of this unusual plant.They are two: the division of rhizomes and seeds.In the first case you need to very carefully control the Cannes without destroying their earthen coma.This is done so that the rhizome is not shrunken, but on the contrary, it matured during the winter.And in March they shake off the ground, choose the most good, cut off the roots obsolete.Net rhizome divided by the number of free disconnects processes in it.And most young again sheltering earth or sand for 3 - 5 cm. So it is better to germinate.At this time you need to create a certain temperature and humidity: the room should be warm and implemented a rare sprinkling.In early April, the rhizomes of plants, it is desirable to move in a warm greenhouse and firmly put on the ground, covered with earth.Once the leaves Cannes reach such development, which will start to push each other's plants by random seated in pots of 11 - 13 cm. In June, the seedlings are planted in open ground.

Seed propagation is more troublesome.The seedlings obtained in this way are very different shape and color of the initial varieties.But if this fact does not confuse, then in February, the seeds need to Cannes for 1 - 2 hours to put in the snow, and then scalded with boiling water.They were then sown in boxes or a warm greenhouse.And after 25 - 30 days appear shoots.In March, the pick produce in small pots, which should stand in a warm place until the end of May - beginning of June.Then canna planted in open ground.


In some cases, the flowers may not blossom canna:

1. For example, as a consequence of early planting seedlings in the ground - until the end of spring frosts.Since Cannes - is heat-loving plants, then stand the morning cold snap they can, but the bloom - no longer exists.

2. When planting these plants in the open ground is better to make a hot bed of manure.They are 3/4 (layer at least 20 cm) filled a hole 50 cm deep, and then sprinkled with sand (20 - 25 cm), and the top placed rhizome eland, and again covered with sand.It creates the effect of a hot roots.From this Cannes not only will bloom, but also thrive.

We hope you are interested in Cannes - flowers, agricultural, wintering which presents no special difficulties.But the effect of their beauty will exceed all expectations!

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