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Russian style in the interior of your home

First, a little about the concept of "style".Style - a peculiar system of structural and decorative elements that reflect the preferences and tastes of the society of a particular era.

Despite conflicting opinions, the Russian style is still there, and as it turned out, in as many as three versions.
1. «A la Russe» - known worldwide, is a variant of the so-called ethnic style, which is based on handicrafts, as we mentioned at the beginning..Matryoshka, samovar, shoes, stoves - it is Russia, which is reflected thus in the souvenir shops throughout Europe.This colorful image is too many designers do not accept, yet from this it does not become less popular.
2. « Russian log hut» - so svoebrazny and just the second type can be called Russian style.As is known, the main feature of Russian log hut - a lack of superfluous or random things only necessary and useful.Each piece has its place and performs a specific function in the house that does not change over the centuries.This interior at first glance si

mple and bezinteresen, but in fact it reflects the soul and helps to preserve the traditions and customs handed down from generation to generation.
3. «Terem» - is "fabulous" version of Russian style, but behind it is also the historical basis: it is no secret that this type of houses built princely chambers.For such an interior is characterized by bright, intricate designs that can be found everywhere: on the walls, and on the dishes;everywhere stone and wood carving, and, of course, tile stoves.

Each of these types of Russian style can come to the interior of your home, the main thing - do not overdo it with the details, otherwise the apartment can easily turn into a regional museum of the peoples of glubinok.To this did not happen, and the Russian Interior attached to your home easy charm of the past, recalling its origins, it is necessary to know some of the basic features of this style that can be converted with a modern twist.

  • simplicity and naturalness, naturalness - one of the main features of the Russian style.The interior in the style of Russian environmentally friendly because it uses mostly natural materials, the most common of them - the tree.It is a tree because of its natural properties sends home its heat and creates a warmth and comfort that will never create a building of stone.

  • interior color scheme is dependent on the chosen option processing facilities.If you prefer the style of Russian log hut, you'll like the combination of gold, white and red colors.If you choose a style towers, there is a lot to choose bright and saturated colors, to your taste.

  • Accessories:
    As you know, wood carving and lace - the most ancient components of the Russian style.Tablecloths, curtains, cushion chairs and pillows - in a word all the textiles in the house was made of silver ornaments and embroidered with precious stones.Carved wooden ornaments and decorate the interior.The national character of the interior and gives utensils: wooden ware, spinning wheels, dolls.The Russian house there is also the so-called "red corner", was an icon with a candle or icon lamp.

  • Furniture:
    furniture in the Russian style certainly made of wood, such as pine, oak, birch or ash.Wooden table and benches - basic furnishings.Storage chests used.

  • floor, ceiling, walls:
    The basis of design of floors, walls and ceiling in the Russian style - the same principle of simplicity and naturalness.The floor should be made of wood.Its surface is a wooden or plaster and be sure to light shades.Walls can be painted with bright floral patterns.

  • Windows and doors:
    usually present in the Russian style massive doors, a simple form, be sure to wooden windows.An important element of the curtains are to be of unpainted linen or calico.Everything should be as natural and natural to the inhabitants of the apartment can feel a part of nature.

We have examined the main features of Russian style, but there is another version of the style, which is increasingly used in his work with the designers of the West, and in addition, it is popular with wealthy people in our country who want to feel like royaltythroughout.This version of the popular Russian style known as «Russian Empire ».Furniture of that era generally divided into 3 groups:

  • first group was closer to the French furniture because in those days it was very much in vogue all the French, despite the prohibitions of the king.This furniture was expensive, it can afford to allow only residents of the palace.

  • second group, the so-called - manor , is the furniture that could not afford the rich.This subspecies empire combined the splendor of the whole of France with the simplicity and sincerity of the national Russian hut.

  • Finally, the third group, called the European Biedermeier , this style Empire could allow themselves petty officials.This furniture combined the British simplicity, modesty and relatively simple form.

If you decide to opt for the furnishing of the house Russian style that will remind you of how the kings lived in Russia, a little creative decor tips below, you may find useful:

  • piano or piano -a sign of Russian style, as education and the arts have always been an important milestone in the development of the Russian state.

  • paintings, sculptures, and other musical instruments - a sure sign of the Russian style.But the main thing is not to overdo it, because the room, cluttered, for example, sculptures, will resemble a Greek temple than the apartments in the palace of the Russian Empire.

  • Coffee table adds flavor of those times, due to its functionality and appearance.He must be elegant, but still noticeable.

  • Walls can be decorated with paintings of Russian artists, or vice versa, to move away from luxury, and hang them instead of revolutionary posters of the time, which will emphasize the spirit and character of the inhabitants of this house.

If you want more comfort, you can install a fireplace in the living room, and if you can not, then you can draw it on the wall, covered with mosaics or ceramics.And remember that the Russian style in the interior for those people who want to go back to the roots of their history, their ancestors, as well as those who want a vacation home from the city's hustle and bustle.

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