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Tips interior designers


tips interior diverse, but we will start with the materials that should be used.Most designers recommend a return to natural materials that do not cause allergies, do not harm health and the environment.First of all, the tree is due to the ease of processing, it can look completely different, stylish and surprisingly beautiful.Wooden furniture always looks relevant and suitable to almost any style solution.The tree will perfectly complement the glass objects.Glass - truly versatile material from which today are doing everything that can be used in the interior: chairs, tables, doors, cabinets, screens, room dividers, stage.It looks it is always effectively, gives the room an extra lightness, ease of volume.This applies to glass but not to the mirrors.Their constant presence is capable of creating a sense of fatigue and tension.

But a sense of stability, belonging to nature, calm and unhurried flow of life after the bustle of the city will purchase the finishing of stone.It can be used eve

n in the interior of the apartments.Modern processing techniques allow us to make materials of stone not cumbersome, and quite elegant.All this can be supplemented by textile finishing: natural linen, cotton, wool, silk.

Tips designers: furniture in the house

special atmosphere to any dwelling-house gives comfortable and stylish furniture.She can destroy all the elegance of finishes, are flooded all the remaining space.What to do?Designers say that this is very simple - the furniture needs to be a little bit.To improve ease of use and functionality of the design - transformers with built-in shelves, lamps.Do not clutter up the space of various open structures (racks, shelves).They can store anything you want to hide items from dust and prying eyes in pretty baskets, convenient boxes or containers.They may be colored, made with his own hands, using decorating decoration of beads, shells, pieces of fabric and buttons, all that has accumulated in a box for needlework you or your parents.These cute heart trinkets give the interior a special touch, warmth and comfort of home.

Color solution
Tips interior designers to use color is known to many, but when it comes to the decoration of their own home, completely forgetting these instructions.Bright, glaring colors, can be used only in the accessories.Perhaps the first impression from the screaming of the walls or furniture will be interesting, but a permanent presence in this room will be hardships and inducing fatigue.But the main thing in the living room - comfort and tranquility.

some liberties can be tolerated only in the interior of the living room, however, and it is important not to overdo it.Therefore, for the walls (whether wallpaper or paint you'll be using) and furniture is better to use a calm color scheme.But this does not mean that your home will become a dull and gray abode.Revitalize and decorate the interior, as well as bring him to help paint trim elements: bright prints, passing from one wall to another, colorful accessories, paintings, fresh flowers.Using color can also change the space visually.

Light colors greatly enhance the space, whereas dark reduce it.Pale shades of beige, green, yellow, most create a feeling of luxury, comfort and warmth.Blue and blue colors are capable relieves tension, while red and orange excite, cheer up and appetite.However, if the room a little daylight, cool green and blue hues will create a gloomy, cold atmosphere.In such cases it is better to give preference to more cheerful yellow-orange tones.

Now determine the style.This is the most crucial moment.Just as many, sometimes I enjoy different things that seem impossible to combine in one interior.Do not worry - this is half the battle.If you know exactly what you like, then create a style of his home a lot easier.Look at magazines with photographs of interiors, shop and pick what suits you the most.Once this loan arrangement of furniture.Do not worry, it first needs to be done virtually.Take a sheet of paper, draw it to his room, of course, respecting its size, the location of windows, doors, and other important points.Then identify how and where you put the furniture.It is also necessary to draw on the scale corresponding to your room.Determine where will be located the electrical sockets, switches and other "do not move" stuff.You have to actually move the entire interior to the paper only if you can accurately plan and distribute the functionality of its facilities.You can use a special computer program helps to plan the placement of furniture and lighting, or refer to specialists in design.However, in most cases, paper and pencil are fully capable to help you, if you know exactly what you want to get a result.
If successful placement - you can go for the purchase of materials for decoration, and then the furniture.Designers are advised to always take tissue samples or finishing materials.The fact that the slightest difference in color or texture can destroy the integrity of the planned picture.Maybe from something will have to give and be replaced by another, be prepared for minor changes in the project.And do not be afraid to experiment.Ultimately, you can always say that you are a supporter of eclecticism.