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The dog is afraid of thunder

Many owners shy animals make a blunder, perceiving fear of dogs as a whim.They do not show proper attention to your pet, it is absolutely nothing.If such a situation, the dog does not help, then such fear soon turn into a real phobia, and this is dangerous for the health of animals, especially in old age.And, of course, the dog in any case can not be physically punished, to raise her voice, spank - so you only instilled in the consciousness of the animal even more fear.Now bolt the dog will still be associated with physical suffering.

dog usually afraid of storms due to wall-shaking thunder.Such fear the dog always has several underlying causes.Most dog lovers share stories that when the New Year's Eve, or simply during an evening walk their pet so much the sound of exploding firecrackers scared that he now fears any loud noises.Particularly severe fear may become a dog if she had gone through some serious accident, which was accompanied by a loud sound, such as a car accident.

degree of fear animal

fear of dogs, depending on the strength and manifestations, is divided into three levels:

Weak degree - with her in the animal's behavior markedly little concern, looking through the eyes of a dog, from where the sound comes from, but at the same timeit can be controlled, it is able to respond to the name, and perform all the commands of the owner.

average degree - an animal becomes noticeably fussy, she is afraid of thunder so that it can start to bark, without hunting executes commands and takes no goodies.

Severe - with her dog completely loses control of herself, she begins to shake, toss, constantly whining or barking, that seems rather a cry of despair.Some animals in a fit of fear begin frantically licking the same place, even to the skin irritation.Some try to hide, got into a quiet place and sitting there until the storm is over.It also happens that the dog ceases to control urination and defecation.Some dog owners even talk about examples of completely inappropriate behavior, such as when a pet gnaws a hole in the floor, which he had never done.

dog needs help in all three cases!The most common mistake owners is such behavior in which they are trying to calm the dog ingratiating tone, caressing her, give a treat every time thunder.This can not be done, because the fear of the dog is only growing.The fact that the dog always perceive this as the fawning praise, they say afraid - it's good, well done.She will think that to be afraid - well, because at this time caring for you, stroked and treated.Animal decides that shake prim tail and plaintive whine is necessary to please the owner.This dog can even begin to deceive you, to depict violent fear in order to get extra attention and affection.

How to help the dog to cope with fear

If the dog is afraid of thunder too much, often need to keep track of the weather forecast, and thunderstorms before giving her a mild sedative, such as natural herbs.If the remedy does not help, it is best to consult a veterinarian, so he prescribed your pet a more effective drug.However, one medical intervention can not do here.We'll have to be patient and slowly, gradually accustom the dog to the intimidating factors - the sound of thunder.

There are some quite effective methods to rid the dog of the fear of thunderstorms.First, you need to stop the animal to calm his fears and reinforce delicacy.The dog is afraid of thunder, if the owner allows it to do so.He, on the contrary, to behave outwardly absolutely calm.To a dog really calmed down, it is necessary to try to divert the game or practicing important commands.No need to immediately throw this occupation as soon as the animal show reluctance to obey.We must persevere, but in any case not enough dog, do not yell at her - that you only strengthen the fear of the dog.

It helps exercise - running in a circle next to the host during a thunderstorm.This can be done even in the apartment, if space permits.The dog will seem that she is running away from danger, but at the same time it will be heard thunder.Over time, the fear of it gradually dies down, it gets used to the sounds.If the dog does not want to go with you on the street, then you can start to run and the room - sometimes it's even more effective, as the situation is less frightening.

Prevention of fear of thunder

In order to prevent especially the big fear, when the animal is afraid of thunder just panic, need to be written to disk thunder and give the dog to listen to 2-3 times a day for an hour.This exercise is extremely effective.For a start it is necessary to make a sound quiet, so as not to give the dog to feel fear, but to draw her attention to the sounds coming.When the pet gets used to the sound of thunder and stop listening to them, it is possible to record a speakerphone, so that it once again attracted the attention of the dog.This dog is best to simply ignore the fear, not soothing her and encouraging.Listen to these records is necessary for several months every day.During this time, the dog will get used to the sounds of thunder and cease to be afraid of them.She will understand that the outcome of the thunder from the player, and not dangerous for her, why not pay more attention to them.

If you do this exercise regularly, the pet gets used to a thunderstorm and will realize that it does not carry any threat to him.The main thing - to be patient, do not let pet phobia slide.Soon you will be much, much less that the dog is afraid of thunder.Even if the fear will not go away completely, the pet will tolerate frightening sounds much quieter.

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