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What to feed a pregnant cat

duration of pregnancy in cats - 65 days or 9 weeks.During this period in the diet of a pregnant cat should not attend the monotony.Each subsequent stage of gestation kittens - this is another piece of the new demands on the menu and the amount of food produced.At the same during the entire period of gestation diet of a pregnant cat should be rich in protein in the diet should be enough minerals, calories, minerals and vitamins.

The cat appetite changes almost immediately after fertilization - the animal starts to eat a lot more.Increased appetite and sudden weight gain - a definite sign that after some time in your home born kittens.For the first 1, 5 - 2 weeks of feeding pregnant cat should be increased to 10% of her usual diet.But the important point: it is necessary to increase the number of meals, not the volume of servings, because Cat's stomach, in fact, quite small.It is best to feed it 4-5 times a day.

From the 3rd week of pregnancy to feed the cat still need 50% more.But be careful: do not ov

erfeed darling, and it can lead to obesity and the development of too big kittens.The result - a difficult birth, up to serious complications.

On the 7th week to feed a pregnant cat, you can have a little less.Typically, the appetite for this term is on the wane.This is due to increased pressure in the abdomen, which is becoming crowded kittens.During this period, the animal eats less at a time, but often have to feed her.During the period of the alleged delivery overfeed pitomitsy can not enough to feed 3-4 times a day is not very large in terms of portions.If the cat does become refuse to eat, which means that soon she will begin delivery.Do not disturb the animals and try to give it the greatest peace.

What should be a part of the diet of pregnant cats

general diet of any cat (including pregnancy) depends on its age, belonging to a particular breed and size.But anyway, the power must ensure the cat and her future children with all necessary materials: these vitamins, protein, minerals, calories and micronutrients.Therefore, a certain number of products should be required to include in the diet of pregnant cats no matter what.Thus, for example, of raw beef should be half of its daily ration.

Boiled and raw fish cat during pregnancy is not recommended, but if the kitty loves this food, you can sometimes spoil it.But you can only give low-fat varieties of boiled fish.The cat food should be necessarily dairy and milk itself.However, to offer them the animal only after the main feed, or milk can cause severe diarrhea.Mandatory food for pregnant cats also are cottage cheese, yogurt, beef, yogurt (no additives), yogurt, egg yolk, vegetables, boiled chicken and turkey, cereals (rice, buckwheat).

If your cat before pregnancy feed exclusively prepared feeds, then the period of pregnancy is necessary to select a special diet.But before you feed her, study the instructions carefully and calculate the correct amount of food at each meal.It is believed that pregnant cats to feed better food for kittens, as it contains all the necessary material for the development of the fetus.

If you feed your cat a natural diet, you will need to give it an additional set of vitamins and minerals as foods.However, it is expedient to do so only if it is the natural diet, as already finished feed contains all the necessary additives.

second semester of pregnancy characterized by increased milk production.This period can be included in cat food nettle leaves, scalded with boiling water and chopped.And in order to prevent miscarriage and facilitate future generations, it is recommended to water the cat decoction of the leaves raspberries.To prepare it, you will need: 1 tablespoon raspberry leaf in a glass of water, all this boil, allow to cool and then strain.Treat your cat broth needed throughout pregnancy to 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach and in the evening.

If animal frequent constipation (sometimes during pregnancy), it is recommended to add to the diet of cat food with oil in the composition, such as canned fish.In this case, sometimes it helps and mashed vegetables (the best of cooked beets), poured vegetable oil.Good for constipation and young sprouts of wheat, "cat grass", barley or oats.

feed the cat during pregnancy is necessary, excluding any goodies, low-grade food, substandard products, and all that in common is called "chemistry."You also can not give the animal pieces from your table.Remember that the diet of the future mother is called to be not only useful and nutritious but also delicious.It is very important that the cat has experienced the pleasure of food and devastated his bowl with pleasure.