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Aquarium fish and turtles

So do not settle aquarium fish and turtles in a single container.If you think that fish is too easy for you, then crank turtles.Just remember that fish, and turtles - are living beings, which can not be treated as toys.They need normal habitat, care and supervision.Of course, turtles - is not cats and dogs.They can not be scratched behind his ear and put the ribs.But, nevertheless, turtles also have advantages.And if you really crank this animal at home, treat it as would have reacted to the cat or the dog, feed, care for, love.

There are several different species of turtles that can safely keep at home.

One of them - a red-eared sliders aquarium.This pet can live in your home at least thirty years.But this will only be the case if you like the hostess, to create all the necessary conditions of the animal.These aquatic turtles are water, so keep them only in large containers with water.For one must purchase a turtle aquarium volume of one hundred and fifty-one hundred liters.It is worth remembering th

at this breed of turtles though a waterfowl, but from time to time, they also want to get on the land and a little walk.In order to ensure that the turtle at least some land, you can set up against the wall of the aquarium plastic island.But, actually, it's not an option, if you want to really turtle feel comfortable.The fact is that the bugs are very difficult to climb on such islands.They need a gradual slope on which she can safely go up to the land.It should also be followed for the fact that shore islands was made of a material for which the claws can catch hold of the animal.To make your aquarium was really high-quality island is best to contact the pet store.That there are special islands for turtles, which coincide with all the necessary requirements.When choosing what size to be an island, remember that it is obliged to hold at least one-quarter of the total area of ​​the aquarium.When a turtle sitting on such an island, it's easy to feed.

change the water in the tank at the turtle should be once a month.Before you pour fresh water into the tank, it is desirable to defend.

is also worth noting that turtles like the heat, so their tank should always be a source of light and sun.You can use even the most ordinary incandescent lamp because it has a high heat.Also, light from a lamp is more reminiscent of a sunny.If this lamp is constantly warm island, the water in the tank can not warm already, because the bug and so will have a wonderful and cozy place to rest and keep warm.

way, tortoise, despite its proverbial slowness and calm, in fact, love to run.So do not put the island at a level less than thirty centimeters to the edge of the aquarium.If the supply closer to the edge of the aquarium is likely to try to escape the turtle, and if you will not be long for them to pay attention, there is a good chance that this idea still succeed.Therefore, be careful not to let their pets roam the apartment unattended, especially if there are other animals.

If we talk about food a turtle, then this too will not be any problems.Krasnouhie eat turtle pellets, minced meat, bloodworms.But, if you do not want your pet problems began with calcium in the body, then be sure to include in his diet boiled fish.By the way, some are afraid to fish with a small turtle bones.In fact, there is nothing dangerous and it's small animal bones simply can not choke.If we talk about the limitations that such animals should not eat fatty fish: capelin, sprat, mackerel.Also, do not turn the main ingredient in meat turtle food.If you constantly feed the turtle meat alone, she might get sick rickets.Therefore, in the diet of turtle, especially if she is young, you have to be feed animals, and age is to translate the turtle on plant food.Until two or three years, a turtle fed every day.Then it is already possible to provide feed two or three times a week.There is a special technique of feeding the turtles.First, you have to pour the food right at the water's edge.When a turtle is mastered in his aquarium and get used to you, put a saucer on her island.In it must be water and food.Also, the bug should be fed vegetable foods, lettuce, algae from ponds and young cabbage.

Also, there are several species of turtles that can live in the aquarium.This Central Asian tortoise and turtle wading.Central Asian feature in that it does not live in the water and on land, respectively, in the cage.Of course, you can let her walk around the apartment, but then it may be that someone will come to a turtle, or whether it would be in the draft and the sick.Therefore, it would be better if you did settle all animal in the terrarium.Such turtles should be fed plant food, and their house

warm lamp, as in the case of waterfowl turtles.

Bog turtle - are predators.They need low aquariums with large islands, where they will be able to bask.Such turtles in general are not interested in plant food.They like bloodworm and snails.Never keep these turtles, for that matter, and other aquarium, in containers without land, because there is a risk that the turtle will sink.And yet, watch your pet and do not expose it.Then your turtle can live a very long and happy life.

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