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Habits pet dogs

dog barking is the only way of expressing emotion.This is not the most striking indicator of the character of the dog, her mood or intentions.Animal constantly makes it clear that he feels: dog starts licking you, then pokes his nose, the tail wagging happily, and then suddenly, it happens, bristling ... Unlike cats, dogs are always declared its intention to attack.She would not begin to bite you "just so", without prior notice.The only question in time to the warning notice and interpret it correctly.Habits of dogs has long been studied, only need to be careful and to trust the intelligence of the most intelligent animals.That dog that expresses all his desires only through growls or bites - or simply badly brought up, or mentally ill.Normal dog is not worth wasting her fear and scare children.Dogs are much smarter than most adults living on earth.

Scientists have found that if the dog's tail wrapped right, it is clearly in a good mood.If the tail of the dog, whether it is home, yard or animal patrol,

looking to the left, it is a clear sign of anxiety and excitement.It is worth paying attention.After all, a dog's tail, as a person a big smile all teeth.If the dog feels the love and trust in a person or another dog, she can even joke about them beat its tail.It is a way of expressing affection.

Habits pet dogs are similar in principle to the wild.In the arsenal of those and other always include yelps, scratching, barking, yawning.However, the most eloquent means of canine language - it is their eyes.They are faithful and loyal, loving and believing in the power of his master (or leader in the case of a wild dog), playful and understanding.

Regarding the specific language of the pet, the dog is hungry or if she feels cold, pain, loneliness, she begins to howl.Howling dogs are very expressive, like a wolf, with notes of desperate longing in her voice.Hearing the sounds, the owner of any imbued with sympathy for his four-footed friend.Stay calm, hearing the howling beloved dog, it is simply impossible.

If the dog needs human attention or assistance and protection - she squeals or screams issues.She looks up, not looking directly into the eyes of the owner and asking for help.Decline in case your pet is unreal, and he knows it is a pet.Sometimes these dogs are unconscionable that already require additional education and serious work.Otherwise, the dog just 'do not you sit down your neck. "

Growling dog always mean only one thing: she is very restless at heart.The dog feels threatened, that responds to growl.It is not only people, but also pet dog schooling.Therefore, as soon as the dog feels a real threat to its own sovereignty or master's, she growls, and then a loud bark.So she drew the attention of his master and the other dogs at risk.However, a dog barking, and may joy, wanting to greet their beloved master.But the roar of joy dog ​​will not ever.

habits of animals differ radically, feature dog fawn habits is the ability to host, so that his soul is turned all at once.Raised, faithful, loving dog - a real support for human rights.Only the dog will never judge his master, if necessary, she would wait for him for years, it is just a person that a cat or any other pet will never be able to forgive.

This short course of study "dog language" can help dog owners better understand their caudate other.Understanding - the main way to harmony between them.Just listening to the language of the dog and teach it correctly interpreted, people will be able to avoid misunderstandings, clashes, accidents and simple misunderstandings between man and dog - this beautiful, smartest, most worthy of all pets.

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