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The sensitive nature of Siamese cats

Now Siamese breed - one of the most popular.They bribe the magic deep look radiant blue eyes, original color.But, apparently, knowing full well the difficult nature of the Siamese cats in ancient times they were called "royal cat of Siam."It was the capital of Siam - Ayudy cats originate their family tree.Scientists say that Siamese cats are not crossed with European breeds, so are pure representatives of the eastern (probably hot) rock than, perhaps, caused their complicated nature.

Siamese cats differ obstinate, independent-minded.But they can not say 'a cat that walks by itself. "Siamese cats are very attached to his master, can not live without communication, attention.In a fit of jealousy may even attack the object of jealousy, but this is extreme ...

Do not provoke the animal, improving tone to the owner - the cat will not understand who is right - who is to blame, and immediately becomes to protect pensions.It is because of attachment to the person, sociable nature of these cats, like dogs, ca

lling each person.Some cats are able to swim and no worse than dogs!Siamski tolerant of other animals, including dogs.Never show aggression first, but the aggression will answer the same.But among the animals obyazalno will fight for the leading position and focus on the part of man.

should scold them gently, they understand when offended.Cats of this breed are very shy.When the fear of anything becoming neupravlyaemymy.Some believe that the Siamese appears hunter character.Insistence show with a lack of attention and will attract him to her in all possible ways.Despite the rancor, attention and care you will be able to redeem any offense Siam.

cat of this breed needs human interaction, as in the air.After a long separation demands of attending to it with a vengeance.Siamese cats are very playful.They can lure the owners themselves to the game.They love to tinker with the children involved in their undertakings.If they happen to hurt the cat, it will not take revenge, but simply goes away.The nature of cats is manifested in their love of justice: they perfectly see when guilty, but does not forgive the penalty for no apparent guilt - will long remember the hurt and may one day prove revenge.Resentment Siamese cat owners may hear.The most common offense Siamese cats seen in the fact that they are moving away from the offender, hide in the nook and stacked up.

These cats are very clever, creative, smart.If properly trained, cat never climb voluntarily left on the table for a meal she would beg, rub, walk in circles around the table, but does not enter "steal" (although the test myasko can not survive).

Considering mental abilities, character Siamese pretty skittish and stubborn.Siamese are very curious, therefore, is not completely explore the entire territory of the house, will not rest.They do not like to submit to the whims of the owner, but through the game easily trainable: can learn to bring items, jump over obstacles, to give paw.

Despite their certain isolation, individuality is superobschitelnye animals.It is noticed that they love to be in the company in the spotlight.By familiar safely jump on their knees.But wary of strangers, but quickly get used to new faces.

Siamese cats are sensitive to the mood of the owner.When he is sad, cat immediately will purr on your lap, and he heard cries, and will "howl", as if sharing the anxiety of his supporter.Sleep, of course, lies with the owner, the night is a passive way of life, as the dark spots worse than other breeds.Patiently waiting until the breadwinner wake up - and only then begins to talk, purr.Generally, these cats are very talkative, meow a lot.

Although some "kotovody" (feline) argue that the negative features as vindictiveness and aggressiveness, difficulties in communicating with young children are adjacent rock with a similar color - Thai.Other at the same time say that milder long-haired Siamese cats (ballineziyskih).

In any case, if you are patient, careful owner, the cat will like to be sure you love brighten up the loneliness, anxiety and share their joys and difficult character will gain a positive sense.

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